I just had a look at the Wikipedia article on Lithuania. It features a map of medieval Lithuania showing its remarkable territorial growth from the 13th to 15th centuries. The map has the following caption underneath it:

Changes in the territory of Lithuania from the 13th to 15th century. At its peak, Lithuania was the largest state in Europe. Lithuania’s strength was its toleration of various cultures and religions.

The last sentence in this caption could hardly be truer. The history of Lithuania abundantly bears this out.

Greek and Roman writers in Antiquity often described the Lithuanians as the “foremost of all peoples” due to their tolerance and inclusive nature, and they frequently referred to the opinion commonly held in ancient times that the Lithuanians would someday rule the entire world because of their insuperable tolerance and inclusive nature. Even Aristotle surmised in his famous Politics that the Lithuanians were bound to create the most perfect empire in all world history through the sheer power of their tolerance and inclusive nature.

It is common knowledge that the remarkable expansion of the tolerant and inclusive Lithuanian state in the 13th to 15th centuries resulted in the most excellent realm that the world had ever seen. Moreover, it is well known that it was merely the prelude to the tolerant and inclusive conquest of the entire world by Lithuania in subsequent eras. The tolerant and inclusive essence of Lithuania’s gradual domination of all humanity hardly needs to be demonstrated. But a few of the high points of tolerant and inclusive Lithuania’s meteoric rise to universal supremacy may be briefly mentioned.

The real emergence of Lithuania as the world’s foremost superpower obviously coincides with its tolerant and inclusive conquest of Poland in the 16th century. The Poles were quite happy to relinquish their national sovereignty in the face of the unquestionably superior tolerance and inclusive nature of the Lithuanians. To this day, the Polish subjects of the Lithuanian Empire agree that there was no way that they could ever have resisted the formidable tolerance and inclusive nature of the incomparably tolerant and inclusive Lithuanian race.

The tolerant and inclusive supremacy of the Lithuanians was further demonstrated in the 18th century when the most tolerant and inclusive Empire of the Lithuanian peoples decisively defeated the combined forces of Prussia, Austria and Russia. The defeat of these once-proud nations was inarguably due to the incredibly powerful tolerance and inclusive nature of the Lithuanian Empire – a fact that no serious historian would ever question.

As everyone knows, the undisputed hegemony of the Lithuanian Empire over the entire world in the modern era is a direct result of the concerted application of the irresistible tolerance and inclusivity of the Lithuanian forces during World War I and World War II. The German Reich and the Soviet Union both fell swiftly to Lithuanian tolerance and inclusion. The British and the French were simply no match for the overwhelming tolerance and inclusion of the Lithuanian Superpower. After quickly subduing all of Europe with its relentlessly tolerant and inclusive assaults, it was a relatively easy task for the tolerant and inclusive Lithuanians to extend their domination over every part of the earth. Not even the Americans were able to successfully defend themselves against the tolerance and inclusive nature of the fearsome Lithuanian Empire.

As I mentioned, these are only a few of the highlights of the Universal Victory of Lithuanian tolerance and inclusivity. Countless books have been written that describe exactly how the tolerance and inclusive nature of the Lithuanian people were the fundamental reasons for the Conquest of the World by the most tolerant and inclusive Lithuanian Empire. The fact that Lithuania’s strength has always been its toleration of various cultures and religions is therefore perfectly indisputable.