I looked forward to this day. I knew that this day would be an important one, even an historic one. And it was.

I was pleased to see so many good people gathering in Charlottesville to take a stand for the interests of good, decent White Americans and I thanked my God for it. Several leaders of the Alt-Right were lined up to give speeches in the defense of White people and in favor of White Tradition, and hundreds of good White people were there to hear them.

Of course, I was well aware that things would probably not be allowed to go as planned. Even though a legal decision had been given in favor of the gathering of Alt-Right folks in Lee Park, there was always a possibility that authorities would decide differently. And of course, they did.

Regardless of what all the liars (media, politicians and celebrities) are saying, violence was not initiated by Alt-Right supporters. These had gathered only to take a stand for the interests of good, decent White Americans. In fact, the violence was initiated by the police in cooperation with vile Antifa Leftists. Before the speeches began, the police wrongfully declared that the assembly was illegal and ordered all attendees to leave. They then proceeded to herd the attendees towards the Leftists – a group that truly has a long history of being violent.

It has been said that the police are only following orders, and that they are obligated to do what they are told in order to earn their pay. But this doesn’t excuse the fact that they are working for the wrong side. There is no moral justification for law enforcement acting in favor of destructive and violent beasts.

What the authorities did today in Charlottesville is an outrageous crime. But it is not surprising. What happened in Charlottesville today is a blatant demonstration of what cowardly demons will always do when they feel threatened by a truly strong and righteous force. It has been pointed out that the only way that the authorities can effectively deal with the Alt-Right is through criminal violence. Which obviously goes to show what side really is right.

In condemning today’s events in Charlottesville, President Trump spoke about “hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides”. But the fact of the matter is that there are only two sides on this issue: there are those who are fighting for the preservation of White America and who fight against all decadence, deviance and perversion, and there are those who earnestly wish to destroy White America utterly and completely and who eagerly promote every conceivable form of decadence, deviance and perversion.

The governing authorities in the City of Charlottesville and in the State of Virginia, as well as law enforcement, have clearly shown that they are not on the right side. I can understand that the President would want to appear neutral, but this necessarily means that he is not particularly opposed to those who wish to destroy White America and who promote decadence, deviance and perversion.

Today was an important day, even an historic day. It was the day that the authorities in America proved that they would do anything, no matter how outrageous or criminal, to prevent the rise of the Alt-Right. Indeed, they may have prevented today’s event, but this is certainly not the end of the issue. They didn’t end anything today; they started something today.