When the great collapse finally happened, governments quickly lost all control, energy grids ceased to function altogether and financial systems practically ceased to exist. Non-physical money vanished overnight and physical money became practically worthless.

In the wake of this ultimate catastrophe, all hell broke loose and every danger became real. Anarchy quickly became total; all order in society was quickly forsaken. For most people, especially in the cities, theft and murder became the only means of survival.

Fortunately, some had prepared themselves. While the rest of the world continued to slide into madness and deviance, a few brave men had readied themselves – physically, mentally and spiritually – for the eventual disaster that they could clearly see coming.

Among the men who were well-prepared were members of the police and the army. Purging their ranks of all unsuitable elements, they gathered themselves and other men like them and pooled their resources, thereby forming a most fearsome warrior society.

No longer dependent on corrupt governments or financial interests, these men were free to totally disregard all perverse, liberal sensibilities. Seeing clearly what belonged to them and what did not, they acted for their interests and those of their own people.

In the absence of all governing authorities, these men formed a new government. Unlike the former governments, theirs was a truly strong and proud government. It was a good government that would make things right once again, as they had been a long time ago.

Thoroughly imbued with a Traditional sense of right and wrong, and desiring to establish Traditional law and order, these men set about eliminating all that was contrary to these. Errors that were never corrected through words were now corrected through brave deeds.

The former regime had invited hordes of invaders to settle in our lands. Black and brown beings from the most degenerate places were encouraged to introduce themselves among our people, thereby creating an intolerable mix that only lovers of disorder could want.

The good warriors let all the invaders know that they were no longer welcome and strongly advised them all to leave immediately. Those invaders who refused to heed the warnings of the warriors were not allowed to insist on continuing to live in these lands.

The former regime had also encouraged every kind of filth and abomination to flourish among our people. Not only were moral, behavioral and spiritual diseases protected by law, but these were relentlessly promoted through every form of official propaganda.

The good warriors strongly notified all decadent, deviant and perverse people that they would no longer be tolerated. Many of these immediately fled, but many also tried to hide. It didn’t take long for the good warriors to root them out in order to deal with them.

As the good warriors diligently carried out their work, the good people cheered them on and thanked God for them. The good people could hardly believe that such salvation had truly come at last. Their tears of joy flowed freely as they saluted their excellent saviors.

Having freed their people from these hideous plagues that had long afflicted them, the good warriors turned to the necessity of reforming their own people. They let their people know that their erroneous ideals and misguided behaviors were no longer acceptable.

Men were encouraged to live up to the Traditional ideal of genuine manhood. It was made clear to all men that the image of the soft and amenable cuck would no longer be favored. The ideal of the real man would be upheld over the weak and lazy once again.

Women were advised that they should properly submit to men and relinquish all non-Traditional roles, and that any woman who refused to do so would be treated as a witch. The good and decent Traditional woman was clearly elevated as the feminine ideal.

Adolescents were notified that all instances of juvenile delinquency would bring harsh punishment. For the genuine good of society, the notions of adequately disciplining children and requiring full obedience from them were reintroduced and reestablished.

As they cleansed and reformed our society, our good government was bold, relentless and even merciless. They refused half measures and they rejected sentimental considerations because they understood that compromise is always the first step to evil’s victory.

It was only in this strong and decisive manner that our good government could effectively lay the foundations of the truly excellent nation that we have become. Our good people, our good families and our good communities simply could not exist otherwise.