We are truly ourselves and we know who we really are. We are in full possession of our own identity and we fully intend to keep it. We are a White European people. We are a Traditional people. We are an excellent and proud people. We are an Aryan people.

No one can lead us to believe that this is wrong. No one can make us think that we should be ashamed of this. Those who would have us believe that we are wrong, those who would make us think that we should be ashamed, they are the ones who are wrong and who should be ashamed. These are the weak, the stupid and the ugly. They are the resentful and the envious. They are the decadent and the perverse.

Here are some of the positions we take on various things.

We do not call ourselves a “tribe” because this term carries the connotation of a primitive people. We are not a tribe of primitive people who cover their bodies with tattoos and piercings, and who enjoy mindless entertainment, and whose greatest ideal is to experience pleasure liberally. Although primitive people are not necessarily immoral, they are certainly morally inferior. In every possible way, we strive towards the highest ideals of all great civilizations. We honor order, justice and truth above all and in all ways. We are thus a nation of civilized people.

Similarly, we reject the term “pagan” to describe our religious views because this term denotes a primitive stage of religious thought, one that relies heavily on superstition, trickery and fantasy. Our religion is a philosophical one based on a rational appraisal of natural reality, a true religion of the mind that accepts the findings of scientific inquiry and that rejects all deception, illusion and falsehood.

We strongly oppose multiculturalism. We do not hate other races or ethnic groups, but we are opposed to people of other races and ethnic groups infesting our lands like so many parasitic vermin. We strongly believe that it is only natural for an ethnic group to keep all other ethnic groups out of its territory. Moreover, we recognize that the best, the most ideal and the most natural societies are those that are most racially and ethnically homogenous, and that societal dysfunction always accompanies the mixing of different races and ethnic groups.

This being said, we are not opposed to the outright conquest of one ethnic group’s territory by another ethnic group. But we recognize that the conquering ethnic group should ideally expel the conquered ethnic group from the conquered territory (unless the conquered ethnic group is a closely related one that can easily be assimilated). We strongly disagree with the creation of “Indian Reservations” and “Bantustans” as well as the policy of segregation because these invariably cause serious problems sooner or later.

We strongly oppose religious pluralism. We believe that it is not natural or normal for more than one religion to be practiced within one nation. The potential for schisms, factions and civil war in a pluralistic community is obvious. Ideally, we believe that all nations should only tolerate either their own religions or autonomous denominations of some supranational religion.

We disagree with the concept of the “separation of church and state”. We believe that a nation’s state and a nation’s religion should be distinct, but that they should collaborate towards their common goal of the nation’s genuine welfare. In effect, we see both the state and religion as equal partners in good government.

We are opposed to the Jews for the simple reason that the Jews have always been opposed to us. It is not difficult to see – even despite all the specious rhetoric and dissembling – that the soul of the Jew is dead set on our elimination. It seems that only the sheer imbecility of the masses keeps them from acknowledging the massive weight of evidence pointing to the truly nefarious nature and purpose of the self-styled “Chosen Ones”.

Likewise, we are opposed to the State of Israel – truly a thorn in the world’s side – and we would be quite satisfied if Israel could disappear from the face of the Earth. Yet, we have no love for the Palestinians either, so we don’t care much about them being mistreated and massacred by Israel. We regard the so-called “Holy Land” as a most unholy land and we understand Jerusalem to be a most wicked place. If this particular region could somehow sink beneath the sea altogether, we would be very pleased.

We are also opposed to the Muslims for essentially the same reason that we are opposed to the Jews. It could hardly be more obvious – even despite all the specious rhetoric and dissembling – that Muslims are fundamentally opposed to us and would do anything to bring about our elimination. We certainly are not fooled by the extremely absurd claim that Islam is a religion of peace. We sincerely believe that Islam should be confined to the Arabian Peninsula and we look forward to that eventuality.

We admit that Jews and Muslims are not entirely detestable, both having some admirable qualities, even though they both are clearly our enemies. We also recognize that there is widespread collaboration between Jews and Muslims in their efforts against us.

We are opposed to the Primitive Christianity that is revealed in the New Testament. We recognize that this Primitive Christianity is a faith for weak, stupid, resentful and envious beings, and we see it as the common origin of Socialism, Communism, Cultural Marxism, Modern Liberalism and the Social Justice Warrior phenomenon. We reject all such ideologies – including Primitive Christianity – which demand that we tolerate what we should not tolerate, that we accept what we should not accept and that we embrace what we should not embrace.

We recognize that what is called “European Christendom” is nothing but European Tradition under a superficial Christian appearance. We understand that the traditions of the pre-Christian Romans, Greeks and Germanic peoples were synthesized in the early Middle Ages to form a European Tradition. And we understand that everything excellent about Europe over the past two thousand years has been due to this European Tradition, and that none of this excellence was particularly due to Christianity.

We believe that freedom of speech should certainly not be unconditional. We accept that people should always be allowed to speak their minds, but we sincerely disagree with the idea that this should never entail certain consequences. People who speak in favor of anything demonstrably false, perverse or detrimental to society should by all means be silenced – and this is obviously the case with Leftists in general. The simple and undeniable fact is that allowing everyone to speak freely with impunity guarantees a platform to every smooth-talking deceiver and persuasive demagogue whose true desire is to contribute to the gradual destruction of everything that is truly good and right in society. We certainly do not underestimate the propensity of the average person to be utterly deceived. In an ideal world as we understand it, any abuse of freedom of speech would never be tolerated.

We oppose democracy. We do not believe that the will of the people should guide a country. We see clearly that the “rule of the people” has meant a gradual decline in everything that is truly good and right in society. It seems that the very concept of democracy allows for the progressive infestation of every conceivable moral evil, mental illness and social wrong. Moreover, we recognize that most modern democratic leaders are charlatans and conmen who try to do the will of the globalist élite that they belong to, even despite the will of the people, and usually get away with it. We would favor the establishment of a traditionally aristocratic form of government, whether it be a monarchy or a republic, headed by a strong, no-nonsense, traditional leader.

We oppose the notion of egalitarianism. Anyone with a good mind can see that there are always greater and lesser members in any natural group, and that the greater members naturally contribute more to the group and therefore enjoy greater advantages and benefits than the others. Our powers of reasoning are quite sound, so we are not deluded by the outrageous idea that everyone is equal. We understand that it is naturally right that a few better people deserve more while the common masses can and should make do with less (which doesn’t necessarily mean not enough).

We are also against the notion of human rights. To claim that rights are inherent in a being is an egregious misunderstanding of what rights are. Being a human being does not endow a human being with any human rights, not any more than being a badger endows a badger with badger rights, or being a chrysanthemum endows a chrysanthemum with chrysanthemum rights. A person may be given rights by virtue of belonging to a particular group, or may acquire them through merit, but the idea that merely existing as a human being automatically means having rights is simply absurd. Of course, we understand that the intent of the doctrine of human rights is to serve as a justification of everything wrong in this modern liberal democratic world, from the massive immigration of non-White Third World people into White countries to allowing transgender freaks to use women’s washrooms.

We understand that globalization is inevitable and we appreciate at least some of its benefits, such as the ease of travelling to foreign countries, being able to buy ethnic foods at the local supermarket or having the ability to learn about everything that exists in the world, including other peoples and cultures. But we are strongly opposed to globalism (aka the “New World Order”), this being the tendency to eliminate all differences (including ethnic and cultural differences), to standardize everything everywhere and to create one global system ruling over one monotypic human race. We are not in favor of any globalist institutions, including the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European Union, etc. We believe the world would be better off without all these.

We oppose capitalism. We understand that all excessive creation and accumulation of wealth is not only unnecessary but detrimental, and we see clearly that this unnatural obsession with wealth and prosperity effectively trumps all considerations of a natural order (such as family, culture and race). We believe in having enough plus a bit more in case of unforeseen contingencies, and being happy with that.

Moreover, we believe that capitalism is the essence of that which is truly the Right, and that this true Right is just as destructive as the Left. We see clearly how this true Right effectively collaborates with the Left to bring about the destruction of all that is good, right and true. We are certainly not on the Right any more than the Left. Neither are we in the Center where the common masses dwell, constantly subjected to the detrimental influences and activities of both the Right and the Left. We actually do have the audacity to claim that we tend to be over and above the Right, the Left and the Center. Inasmuch as it is possible for us, we profoundly wish to be a superior people. And we understand that the genuine essence of Tradition is precisely this – to elevate a people ever higher towards that which truly is best.

We do not oppose technology, although we find that much modern technology is unnecessary to us. We can appreciate the claim that technology can make our lives easier, but we do not believe that this generally means making our lives better. It is obvious that the excessive use of technology is detrimental, but this is due to a lack of discipline rather than the existence of technology. Quite unfortunately, a lack of discipline is one of the most serious problems in our modern liberal democratic world.

We love the strong, the intelligent and the beautiful. We have no love for the weak, the stupid and the ugly. We refuse to believe that this is wrong because we know that strength, intelligence and beauty are the genuine values of the best. We hold these values as the standards for all art. Any art form that lacks natural strength, natural intelligence or natural beauty fails to live up to our standards, and we strongly reject anything that might be called “art” but that displays weakness, stupidity or ugliness. Needless to say that we despise most modern art.

As for modern entertainment, we couldn’t care less about spectator sports, we don’t care much about television, we don’t watch many movies, and we generally despise fiction. We generally hold the view that life is much better spent doing things rather than watching or otherwise consuming things. Moreover, we believe that entertainment should only be part of something greater and more important, such as a festival or a family gathering. We are decidedly not part of the modern consumer society in which entertainment has become a spectacular yet mundane substitute for living.

We are not opposed to the use of alcohol or marijuana, but we strongly believe that these should always be used moderately. Of course, we oppose the use of harder, more dangerous drugs. Again, that passé notion of discipline is important here, as it is with the consumption of anything. We certainly are not in favor of any governmental authority legally banning the use of any substance. Banning the use of any substance evidently fails to eliminate the use because the real problem – lack of discipline – is not being addressed.

We are strongly opposed to pornography and sexual promiscuity. The liberalization of sexuality is a strong symptom of a degenerating culture, and the detrimental effects of “sexual liberation” on relationships and self-perception are not exactly unknown. We strongly believe that sexuality always should be a private matter that normally should be shared between a man and a woman in the context of an intimate relationship. Here too, mention should be made of the necessity of discipline.

We are anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-queer – in short, we are opposed to the entire LGBTQ community. We recognize all forms of gender/sexual deviance as being serious disorders, and we strongly believe that they should all be treated as such. We are in favor of removing all gender/sexual deviants from society because we do not believe that such deviants can successfully be cured. We are also of the view that pedophiles and practitioners of bestiality should simply be eliminated.

We are anti-feminist. We hold that it is simply wrong for women to assert themselves against men, or to try to make themselves equal to men. It is unnatural for a woman to try to be essentially a man, just as it is unnatural for a man to try to be essentially a woman. We honor and cherish women who naturally behave as good women should behave, as traditional women have always behaved. We recognize that the greatest excellence of a woman is to be a good wife and mother.

It is our sincere hope, our blessed hope, that the forces that encourage and sustain all these things that we disagree with, that we oppose and that we reject will soon be defeated. We have much reason to be hopeful because more and more people are coming around to our views, slowly but surely, and more and more of them are voicing them along with us.

Even though things continue to worsen around us, we can already see that the end of the worsening is near. As I’ve said before, it is darkest before the dawn. The bloated vainglorious monstrosity which is this modern liberal democratic world is bound to collapse before very long.

We know that we are right because we are on the side of what is truly good and genuinely true. Regardless of all false appearances and misleading sentiments, we can faithfully cling to the traditional values that we hold dear and look forward to our eventual vindication.