Although democracy is an illusion and a fraud, it does at least lead the people to believe that their views and beliefs are somehow important. The people in general are not especially intelligent; how much the people can genuinely understand is significantly limited. Therefore, the facts and ideas that the people will genuinely understand and will therefore espouse are relatively simple and primitive, and any kind of argument or exposition of facts that surpasses their level of intelligence they feel they can safely consider unimportant to them and consequently disregard.

This is an important point that most right-wing intellectuals apparently fail to comprehend. The strength of all their intelligent arguments and explanations is seriously diminished by the democratic ideal. All their mental efforts to persuade the people intelligently and rationally about anything are truly in vain as long as unintelligent and irrational alternative views and ideas remain in vogue. If the people are given the choice between believing the leftist guru’s sophistic ranting which is largely sentiment-based and sorely lacking in genuine facts, or the right-wing intellectual’s intelligent and rational exposition of the truth, the people will invariably tend to believe the former and will easily be led to condemn the latter as if it were false, even wrong.

Whatever the people believe (or whatever they’ve been led to believe) tends to be based on sentiment rather than intelligence, and their sentiment-based beliefs determine how they understand things (i.e. how they interpret knowledge). This contrasts with the intelligent man in whom understanding results from a rational appraisal of knowledge; sentiments and beliefs are relegated to a subordinate position in the intelligent mind.

If the teachings of modern leftism appeal so much to the general public, it is obviously due to the fact that these teachings are an essentially unintelligent (although perhaps sophisticated) misrepresentation of knowledge. By making knowledge (either true or false) conform to the sentimental prejudices of the people, leftist ideological movements like Cultural Marxism can easily make the people believe that their relatively unintelligent views and beliefs are not only reasonable but justified. This is something that no one in a right-wing movement can ever really do (and few if any would even think of doing such a thing).

What has just been said with reference to Cultural Marxism can also be said about the Primitive Christianity that gradually infested the Roman Empire in Antiquity. I’ve talked enough about this in previous posts. Also related to this is the Global Warming/Climate Change hoax, which is routinely touted as real science based on facts, but that wouldn’t even be possible without that deeply-instilled age-old Judaeo-Christian belief that human beings are inherently sinful. Once again, leftists can easily use and misuse knowledge to make the people believe all kinds of lies, whereas those on the right are doomed to failure if they insist on trying to make the people understand the truth. It just ain’t gonna happen…

History amply shows that demagogues are always much more successful at misleading the people than sages in rightly leading the people (at least in the context of civilized societies). The establishment of democracy in the modern era has only made this even more so. Along with greater access to knowledge among the general population there has been a greater possibility of knowledge being misunderstood and misinterpreted. The people in this modern democratic world have much more knowledge than their ancestors did but not any more intelligence. For all they know, they still fail to understand. In fact, it may honestly be said that they misunderstand much more than any of their ancestors ever did.

Based on a good number of statements that I’ve made about people in general in various posts on this blog, some people may think that I tend to be too mean towards the people. But reality is reality and facts are facts, and the real fact of the matter with respect to what I’m saying here is that the people in general will never voluntarily agree with the truthful positions of any genuine right-wing movement for the simple reason that it is categorically impossible for them to do so. The best that can be hoped for is that the people might somehow be led to accept these truthful positions even though they can neither truly understand them nor honestly believe in them. And this can certainly never be achieved in a democracy.