Dear Aryan Brethren, you who truly are the genuine chosen of Dyeus, the true Supreme God; you who truly are most-favored among all creatures according to the Will of Dyeus; you who truly are the brightest, the most beautiful and the best of all children of Dyeus.

In this modern liberal democratic world, the authoritarian doctrines of egalitarianism, tolerance and multiculturalism are being imposed on everyone. The basic premise of these authoritarian doctrines is that everyone is equally and inherently acceptable – except of course for the few who have the audacity to recognize the fact that these authoritarian doctrines are false and wrong.

Everyone has the indisputable right to associate with whoever they choose. This obviously means that some people may associate with anyone indiscriminately. But it also means that some people may choose to associate only with some particularly distinct group of people to which they naturally belong. Of course, the former case can never be more than theoretical, even fantastical, because it is perfectly impossible for anyone to relate effectively to everyone else.

Consider the possibility of a leftist “social justice warrior” associating with a radical Islamic fundamentalist. This extreme example illustrates the impossibility of any real association between two different types of extremist. But it is equally impossible that any real association might ever exist between someone whose views and ideals are natural and normal and any type of extremist whose views and ideals are unnatural and abnormal in some way. Such is our situation with respect to the vast majority of people in this modern liberal democratic world.

In this modern liberal democratic world, the extremist views and ideals of leftists have been given the appearance of being natural and normal. Through decades of social engineering, the masses have been led to accept unnatural and abnormal views and ideals as if they were natural and normal. To put it simply, the masses have been transformed into followers of extremist views and ideals. Among these unnatural and abnormal views and ideals are the view that all races and ethnic groups are essentially the same and the ideal that all races and ethnic groups should come together to form one perfectly undifferentiated humanity.

It may be noted that the former view implies that there are no differences between the different races and ethnic groups, while the latter ideal suggests that all differences between the different races and ethnic groups should be eliminated. The obvious discrepancy between these is rather telling…

As I’ve said before, our views and ideals are based on a rational appraisal of the way things really are in natural reality. Our views and ideals are therefore natural and normal; I might even say that our views and ideals are the natural and normal views and ideals.

We recognize the obvious fact that Nature (acting according to the Will of Dyeus) constantly endeavors to define different population groups that are distinct from each other, such as species and races. No one can claim that there is never any mixing between population groups in Nature; hybridization does naturally occur, but it is always exceptional, that is to say abnormal. One may even say that all hybridization is unnatural inasmuch as Nature constantly works against it; if this were not so, there would never be such things as different species and races at all.

This, by the way, is one way in which Nature works against chaos, another word for which is disorder. It is interesting to observe that this modern liberal world has decidedly set itself in opposition to Nature’s eternal struggle against chaos. Let me state it clearly: anyone who disregards the natural differences between population groups or who desires the elimination of those natural differences is a proponent of chaos and disorder.

We are a distinct people. We differ from all other people. And we wish to continue to be distinct and different. We do not wish to become part of a monotypic, undifferentiated humanity. We do not wish to become part of a humanity of the lowest common denominator, a humanity devoid of genuine culture, of history, of meaning. For this reason, we must insist on our right not to associate with other population groups, we must insist on our right to restrict our community to ourselves, we must insist on excluding all other people from our community on the basis of our own views and ideals.

By the way, it should be observed that a (((certain population group))) has always endeavored to maintain itself as a distinct population group. There is no good reason that we should not have the right to do what this (((certain population group))) does. In fact, we have at least as much of a right as this (((certain population group))) to guarantee our separate and distinct identity due to our genuinely superlative nature. And we have every reason to believe that our ancient ancestors always attached no small importance to the ideal of maintaining themselves as a distinct population group.

To put it bluntly, we must insist on rejecting the unnatural and abnormal doctrine of tolerance, we must insist on denying the unnatural and abnormal concept of egalitarianism, and we must insist on being opposed to the unnatural and abnormal ideal of multiculturalism. And we must do this not because we hate others but because we truly love ourselves and our own.

Let us praise Dyeus, the true Supreme God!