To the Aryan faithful everywhere, you who are the genuine chosen of Dyeus who is the true Supreme God.

Among the many terms that our enemies use against us to try to bring us down is the term “haters”. According to our enemies, we are driven solely by pure hatred, we are the very embodiment of hate. But the fact is that we are not any more hateful than they are. We only hate differently, we hate opposite things. And of course, our enemies completely disregard the fact that we love deeply and strongly, but unlike them, we choose to love only that which is truly worth loving.

To put it quite simply: we hate everything that is evil, while our enemies hate that which is genuinely good. We hate everything that is wrong, and our enemies hate everything that is genuinely right. We hate falsehood; our enemies hate truth.

We see and understand reality as it really is in Nature, and our beliefs and ideals are founded solidly on this real and natural understanding. This is how we can rightly distinguish good from evil, right from wrong and true from false. But our enemies are thoroughly programmed to misunderstand, to disregard and to deny natural reality. Consequently, their beliefs and ideals are quite completely dissociated from natural reality, and therefore tend to become increasingly deluded and demented.

We are a no-nonsense kind of people. We insist on believing that all people should have something called “common sense”. But our enemies strongly disagree with us on this, and this is one reason they hate us. The so-called “intellectual leaders” among our enemies have worked tirelessly to warp and obfuscate the timeless truths that no truly decent person would ever deny. Some may call this “progressive thinking”; I prefer the term “demented thinking”. But of course, all our enemies – faithful followers that they are – have gladly adopted the holy pronouncements of their “intellectual leaders”.

We love order, and we embrace order in all aspects of our lives. The kind of order that we love is a natural order based on a rational appraisal of the way things are in natural reality. This natural order that we value so highly is crucial to becoming truly stronger, truly healthier, truly smarter and truly better. The kind of society that is truly the best must necessarily be founded on a natural order that is rationally derived from a true understanding of natural reality.

To be fair, our enemies do not categorically oppose the notion of order, but they tolerate it only inasmuch as it may be necessary to keep a minimum of proper function in society. One of the reasons our enemies hate us so much is because they have a deep-seated longing for disorder. Our strong love of natural order is totally abhorrent to our enemies. To our enemies, our strong love of natural order makes us a most dangerous threat that must be eradicated.

Our enemies’ love of disorder is deeply rooted in a mindlessly sentimental evaluation of things. It is mindless sentimentality which chooses to disregard and to deny natural reality, and which therefore gives rise to our enemies’ deluded beliefs and demented ideals which only serve to create more and more disorder over time. As can plainly be seen, this constant tendency to disorder among our enemies has already created numerous types of increasingly obvious dysfunction throughout our enemies’ society. Our enemies are only becoming weaker, sicker, more perverse, more degenerate and more stupid all the time. And this could hardly be clearer to us.

We are traditional people, and we understand that tradition is the timeless guide for truly better people living in a truly better society. Here again, our enemies find a reason to hate us. The last thing our enemies want is to be associated with a genuine tradition because of their utterly resentful disdain for anything that is truly better. Therefore, anyone who promotes a genuine tradition becomes a target for their sheer hatred.

What our enemies truly crave is total freedom: the freedom to do whatever, whenever, however. They don’t want to be guided by anything but their mindless feelings, and they couldn’t even care less if these misguide them rather than properly guiding them. They don’t want to find anything strong, constant and enduring. Their lust is fixated on the fantasy of an endless string of vacuous and fleeting experiences. Like so many spoiled children, their mentality revolves entirely around an obsession with more freedom, more variety, more choices, more fun…

Of course, there are many among our enemies who believe that they have found something strong, constant and enduring in the form of a certain religion, but who fail to realize that this certain religion is inherently false, deceptive and illusory inasmuch as it is fundamentally at odds with natural reality. The fact that the devotees of this certain religion are just as prone to confusion, delusion and inanity as the rest of our enemies has certainly not escaped our notice.

I don’t think I need to point out to you, dear Aryan brethren, that the more our enemies hate you, the more you can know that you are right. It is our rational understanding of natural reality that guides us, and this is something that our enemies could not possibly despise more. Let us never fail to cling confidently to our love of order and tradition, knowing full well that the best possible consequences will surely result from this.

Let us praise Dyeus, the true Supreme God!