My dear Aryan brethren, faithful followers of the Aryan way:

You are the children of Dyeus, you are the genuine chosen of He who is the true Supreme God, the authentic source of all good strength, of all right knowledge and of all true beauty.

As such, you are not subject to the deceptions and fantasies of the Christianized masses around you. Unlike the deplorable Christianized masses who are thoroughly programmed to deny and to ignore the true reality of things, you insist on finding the real truth and you hold on to it without wavering. This is one way in which you show yourselves to be the genuine chosen of the true Supreme God rather than slaves of the False and Deceptive God.

The recent carnage at a certain musical display of decadence and debauchery is only one more instance of the sheer madness of modern liberal democracy – something which you certainly have not failed to grasp whereas the Christianized masses flail about in their utter incapacity to comprehend it. The subjects of modern liberal democracy have been led to believe that multiculturalism and the mass immigration of inferior peoples are good, and they somehow manage to continue to believe this no matter how much these things result in their own detriment. How can this not be recognized as insanity?

The truth of the matter is obvious to us: our enemies are being attacked by our enemies. We understand well enough that such acts have nothing to do with us in any way. If anything, although we certainly can never condone any instance of terrorism – this being a tactic of weak and corrupt barbarians – we see that such acts serve our purpose in that both the terrorists and their liberal victims mutually ensure the eventual destruction of modern liberal democracy by continuing the mindless cycle of terrorist actions and liberal counter-actions.

Just to be clear: the liberal victims of terrorism are just as much our enemies as the terrorists who target them for the simple reason that liberals hate us at least as much as they hate terrorists. It is a horrid shame that so many people who should be with us have been set against us, but we understand that this is the true reality of the matter and it’s simply no use deceiving ourselves. Anyone who hates us, even if it is as a result of a profound misunderstanding of things, is our enemy. Moreover, we understand the reasons why and the people who are ultimately responsible.

We know that every act of terrorism only causes the profoundly deceived Christianized masses to redouble their efforts to further promote and impose the liberal democratic “values” that prompt more eventual acts of terrorism. This is crystal clear to us: it is a wonder that it seems to totally escape the notice of the Christianized masses. And yet we understand how effectively the ideals of Primitive Christianism have incapacitated the critical thinking of the Christianized masses, rendering them quite utterly incapable¬†of doing anything but deny the true reality of things.

We have nothing to fear. As long as we avoid the public venues that attract the Christianized masses, including musical displays of decadence and debauchery, we minimize the danger of becoming victims of terrorist attacks. And even if one of us does succumb to a terrorist attack somehow, the genuine goodness and rightness of that one’s deeds and way of life will not fail to continue to have the best consequences within our community for generations to come. Of course, the fundamental reason for avoiding public venues is not a fear of being killed by a terrorist – or any other fear for that matter, but rather the absolutely justified disdain for associating with the deplorable Christianized masses in any way. I don’t think I need to stress the fact that our community is an exclusive one that is not afraid to discriminate against all that are unworthy, rather than an inclusive community that accepts and embraces all losers, degenerates and perverts unconditionally.

My message to you, my dear brethren, is simply this: let the terrorists continue to wreak their horrible violence on the liberals, and let the liberals continue to react to terrorism with their deluded and demented idealism. Do not let yourselves be affected by any of this, because none of it really concerns you, but concentrate instead on yourselves and your own. Build yourselves up, strengthen yourselves, heal yourselves and care for yourselves. Protect yourselves against all of your enemies, and defend yourselves when you are attacked, but never mind when our enemies attack each other, knowing that this is very much to your advantage.

Keep yourselves faithfully to the Aryan way, the good way, the right way, the true way, even despite everything. Do what you need to do in order to grow, to thrive, to prosper in the Aryan way. This is what you need to do for yourselves, both as individuals and as a community. And apart from this, nothing else matters.

Let us praise Dyeus our Father, the true Supreme God!