The Supreme Patriarch of Catholic Aryanism delivered his fifth annual May Day address to the Aryan faithful this morning from the Aryan Cathedral of Mainz. He was accompanied by all the National Patriarchs of  Catholic Aryanism, including the Patriarch of the Germans, the Patriarch of the French, the Patriarch of the English, the Patriarch of the Italians and the Patriarch of the Spanish, as well as numerous Archbishops of Catholic Aryanism. A crowd estimated at nearly one million Aryan faithful gathered in the streets around the Cathedral to hear the address, and it is estimated that a further thirty million Aryan faithful heard the address via the Internet and on the radio.

“Truly blessed followers of the Aryan faith: I salute you today on this first day of May, a day on which the full glory of springtime is traditionally celebrated. As we thank the Supreme God for the wonders of birth, growth and life, let us also be mindful of the ways that these wonders have been and continue to be manifested in our glorious Aryan religion.

“Not many years ago, there was no Aryan religion among us, not even anything approaching an Aryan religion.

“Although the Roman Catholic religion had once served the function of an Aryan religion without truly being Aryan, it has fallen back in recent times into the vile and degenerate form of Primitive Christianism. All of the various Protestant cults have always been regressions toward Primitive Christianism. The numerous Neo-Pagan cults are mostly absurd caricatures deeply infested with modern liberal values and ideals – these values and ideals having their roots in the teachings of Primitive Christianism. And the vast majority of our peoples have become adepts of the modernist secular irreligiosity that ultimately resulted from the resurgence of the values and ideals of Primitive Christianism in the modern age.

“The debilitating and demoralizing teachings of Primitive Christianism in all of these have obviously served to keep the minds and souls of our peoples from acknowledging and embracing the real and true faith of a genuinely Traditional Religion.

“With the steady decline and disappearance among our peoples in the modern age of a genuine Tradition rooted in reality and truth, various social and psychological diseases have progressively ravaged our peoples, including multiculturalism and the mass immigration of non-European peoples, globalism and consumerism, feminism and homosexuality, the false doctrine of human rights and the misguided notion of social justice. As the condition of our peoples continued to worsen through such ills and errors, one could easily wonder if there was any hope of a genuine restoration, of a new dawn, of a new springtime.

“I often say that things can’t truly start getting better until they finish getting worse. It is also said that it is darkest before the dawn. The wondrous season of springtime can’t truly begin until the harsh season of winter is finally done. And so it is with our Aryan religion.

“Thankfully, the cyclical nature of things will not be denied, and it had to happen that the liberal democratic system that was responsible for all our woes would set itself up for its eventual destruction due to its ever-increasing sickness, weakness and decadence. As liberal democratic society began to fall apart and as the rulers of liberal democracy began to lose control, the time came for us to become our genuine selves once again and to take up the real and true religion that truly suits us.

“Our Aryan forefathers were conquerors. Thanks to the findings of archaeology and the recent discoveries of genetic research, we know that our Aryan forefathers steadily expanded their rule over almost all of Europe. The reason they did this is simple: they believed in something. They believed that it was good and right for that which is strong, intelligent and beautiful to prevail over that which is weak, stupid and ugly. To conquer and to rule by virtue of genuine excellence was an important guiding tenet of their religious faith, arguably the most important one of all. There was no way that they would ever deny this – in fact, doing so would have been an egregious heresy to them, an unforgivable sin.

“Contrast this with the wretched situation that our peoples were in until recently. Through the various machinations and propaganda of modern liberal democracy, largely influenced by the horrible, spiritually destructive teachings of Primitive Christianism, our peoples were led to believe that it was best to let themselves be dominated, denigrated and abused. It’s almost hard to believe that our peoples could actually believe this, but we all know it’s true.

“Our Aryan forefathers would never let anyone tell them what they should think, what they should say or what they should do. Our Aryan forefathers would never let anyone dictate anything to them. Our Aryan forefathers would never bow to the will of their enemies. Our Aryan forefathers obeyed no one but the Supreme God, and their every thought, word and deed was in line with the real and true teachings of their own Aryan faith. This is why our Aryan forefathers conquered and ruled so widely. To conquer and to rule was their foremost religious imperative. To them, being conquered and ruled was a most intolerable evil.

“Truly blessed followers of the Aryan faith: the dawn has come for us, it is now springtime for us. The time has come for us to reassert ourselves as we should. No longer should we allow our enemies to decide for us. No longer should we allow our enemies to impose upon us. No longer should we allow our enemies to keep us down. We have already begun to take back what is rightfully ours, and to expel all who don’t belong among us. And we shall continue to do so, as long as we hold to our Aryan faith.

“Let us worship the Supreme God! Let us honor strength, intelligence and beauty! Let us conquer and rule as we should! Hail Victory!”