I happened upon a Facebook group called European Traditionalism recently. I quickly saw that what it offered was not at all an accurate presentation of European Traditionalism but rather a grossly extreme misrepresentation of European Traditionalism.

Whoever created that Facebook group is undoubtedly a hideous creature. Only an extremely degenerate or perverse being could present such a selectively false image of European Traditionalism.

First of all, the group description reads as follows: “If you like Plague, Trial by Ordeal and Crusades and are concerned about Cultural Decline, this is the group for you!” Let me deal with each of these four points:

The plagues that afflicted ancient and medieval Europe always came from the East; none of them originated in Europe. Although a lack of hygiene and sanitation may have contributed to the effect of these plagues, the fact is that Christian thinking (rather than European Traditionalism) has always tended to discourage people from paying too much attention to physical concerns, such as hygiene and sanitation, and has always encouraged people to trust God rather than deal with situations in real, effective ways, even if that means undergoing suffering, disease and death. Of course, suffering and death could be understood as leading to salvation in the Christian mind.

As for trial by ordeal, these have always been administered throughout the world; they are by no means restricted to Europe. Moreover, the notion of a trial by ordeal is actually an effective preliminary means of separating the guilty from the innocent because one who knows that he/she is guilty will likely object to the trial by ordeal, while an innocent person will believe that he/she has nothing to be afraid of. In practice, trial by ordeal was only rarely administered in medieval Europe, and it was effectively discontinued by the fifteenth century.

In my personal opinion, the Crusades were misguided adventures inasmuch as their ultimate aim was the reconquest of the so-called “Holy Land” (which I personally consider to be a most unholy land). I similarly disagree with the practice of using military force in order to impose any kind of religious conversion upon peoples (such as the Christian conquest of Saxony by Charlemagne, the conquest of the Baltic peoples by the Teutonic Knights, and (last but not least) the conquests of numerous territories by Islam). Yet, at the same time, I am in favor of the notion of a “holy war” when it is in the genuine defense of one’s values and beliefs, or for the purpose of expelling a fanatical invasion/occupation force (such as the campaigns of Charles Martel in the 8th century, or the campaigns against the Turks in the Balkans from the 16th century onwards). I must mention too that a warrior class is a normal and natural part of any healthy society, and that there must be legitimate military pursuits for a warrior class to undertake lest the warriors turn to pursuits that are detrimental to their own societies, effectively becoming a menace to their own people.

The last point – being “concerned about Cultural Decline” – is obviously disingenuous. What the hideous creature means to convey here is his belief that there is no cultural decline in this modern Western world. The hideous creature probably believes that there has never been any more beautiful culture than that which exists in this modern Western world. The hideous creature is therefore suggesting that whoever is “concerned about Cultural Decline” is absolutely wrong.

Now, turning to the content of this group, there are quite a number of images posted that can be considered offensive or disturbing in nature. To be fair, at least a few of these images do seem to be morally questionable (at least to sane and decent folks). Some others, on the other hand, are clearly being presented as questioning how well Christian morality was actually practiced in medieval Europe.

For example, there are at least two images from the medieval period that show a couple in bed. There is no nudity or other suggestion of any lewdness, but the intent is clearly to try to embarrass Christian sensibilities which apparently would prefer that medieval manuscripts not show couples in bed.

There are also at least two images of paintings showing black people in a European context (one as a Christian saint, and the other as a well-dressed gentleman). These are obviously intended as an argument that blacks have always been welcome in Europe, as well as a justification for the immigration of hordes of non-European peoples into Europe, and are therefore targeted against the natural and normal racial identity of Europeans and the natural and normal desire to keep Europe European. Of course, the tendency to be welcoming towards other races has a lot to do with Christian teaching.

The hideous creature has obviously made an effort in collecting and presenting these images. Unfortunately, the hideous creature doesn’t even come close to making its case in any real way. In fact, its Facebook group is a monumental failure (which may explain why it apparently gave up on it in June of last year).

The fact of the matter is that the realities and concepts represented by these images are only a very, very tiny part of what Europe has ever been. If the hideous creature were honest and truthful about European Traditionalism, the overwhelming majority – if not the near-totality – of the images presented would show realities and concepts that faithfully reflect the predominant historic essence of Europe. There would be images of excellent men, of great cities, of grand buildings and of beautiful works of art. There would be images that represent historic events, scientific achievements, philosophical developments and important discoveries.

No one has ever said that European Traditionalism was the means to produce a perfectly moral and righteous utopia. But only an idiot or a liar could ever argue that European Civilization is anything short of the greatest and best civilization in the history of the world, even despite its blemishes, and as I’ve written before, that greatness resulted from European Traditionalism (not Christianity, by the way).

If the creator of this Facebook group were an honest and decent person rather than a hideous creature, it would offer an honest and decent depiction of European Traditionalism. But the agenda of this hideous creature is totally opposed to such an honest and decent depiction. The blatant aim of this Facebook group is quite simply to attack European Traditionalism.

What this Facebook group really means is that at least one person in the world (there are actually over 1500 people who like this group) is extremely hateful – and probably quite fearful – of the very notion of European Traditionalism. Clearly, to such a hideous creature, the notion of European Traditionalism is a foremost threat, at least enough of a threat to warrant an extremely disparaging caricature of it. This to me is a strong confirmation of the genuine value of European Traditionalism.