One of my Facebook “friends” posted this image on Facebook recently. First, a couple of immediate observations are in order:

  • The left and right are labeled “Economic-left” and “Economic-right” – no mention of the political Left or Right.
  • Beyond the “Economic-right” is an image with the label “NOTHING” (an obvious falsehood), but there is no corresponding image beyond the “Economic-left”. I might suggest that an image of Hugo Chávez or Nicolás Maduro might be appropriate here, and that the label “NOTHING” would properly belong with this image rather than the one on the other side.

Having said that, what really prompted me to write this article is the statement my Facebook “friend” made when he shared it. He wrote: “Nihilists. They believe in nothing”. (Perhaps I should mention that this person is a hardcore Leftist who works for a reputable media organization.)

It seems that my extremely misguided “friend” hasn’t the foggiest idea how totally absurd his statement is – not in itself mind you, but related to the Right rather than the Left.

[Although I use traditional “left” and “right” designations in this article, I encourage the reader to consider my post called A Political Diagram, in which I offer a reevaluation of major political tendencies that redefines “left” and “right” in politics.]

Nihilism is, always has been and always will be a development of degenerate Leftist sympathies. Anyone who knows anything about Nihilism can’t honestly deny that. Only idiots and liars could ever fail to admit that the amorality, anomie, despair and general dissociation from reality that typify Nihilism result from the warped sensibilities of Leftist individuals.

One of the fundamental notions of Leftism is that everything should (at least theoretically) be permitted. This essentially means that nothing can ever really be important. Whenever liberal sentiments are espoused, and inasmuch as they are embraced, genuine meaning is utterly destroyed. Whatever is left instead is artificial, vain and worthless. An inane and insipid facsimile of existence replaces the real substance of life.

In effect, the only thing that Leftists really believe in is the idea that there is nothing that can really be believed in. For this reason, the only belief system that a Leftist can have is really an anti-belief system.

If there is anything that inspires people on the Right, it is a love of genuine meaning, of genuine purpose and of genuine life – with a corresponding disdain for all fake and worthless versions of these.

People on the Right certainly do not believe in nothing. In fact, people on the Right believe in the promotion of every excellent thing.

People on the Right believe that strength, health and beauty should be preeminently valued – even despite the resentful protests of the weak, the sick and the ugly.

People on the Right believe in reality, normalcy and nature, and that knowledge, understanding and wisdom must be founded on these. Any knowledge that is disconnected from or opposed to reality, normalcy and nature is not truly knowledge, but is instead more or less elaborate sophistry, deception and falsehood.

People on the Right believe that the purpose of a human being is to aim for all that is truly greater, truly higher and truly better, and that one should always use one’s intelligence, gifts and resources towards such aims. Doing otherwise is fundamentally failure, no matter how nicely decorated or seemingly justified it might be.

People on the Left, on the other hand, profoundly despise the beliefs of people on the Right. As mentioned above, this determined opposition to beliefs constitutes the only thing that Leftists really believe in.

Sometimes, Leftists will boldly express their hatred for the beliefs of the Right in an open and straightforward manner. But much more often, Leftists will dissemble their hatred for the beliefs of the Right by wrongly reevaluating or redefining terms.

For example, Leftists will routinely say that real beauty is some unseen, sentimental/spiritual kind of beauty, effectively confusing a pleasant disposition with actual beauty. Also, Leftists will assert that it is truly better to help degenerate and deviant individuals rather than good, decent people, and that a truly higher purpose in life means serving the purposes of the lowest, vilest and meanest beings.

It should be obvious by now, after so many decades of Leftist predominance in Western Civilization, that Leftism can only ever result in the disappearance of everything that is genuine, real and worthy and the concomitant prevalence of all that is contrived, artificial and worthless. The very essence of Leftism is an empty and desperate soul that does whatever it can to mask and dissimulate its true nature with every conceivable illusion, fantasy and deception.

Thankfully enough, the Leftist tendency towards the demented nothingness which is Nihilism is now effectively being challenged by a rising Alt Right. The recent growth and success of the Alt Right represent a strong resurgence of the values and beliefs that people on the Right have always embraced. At the same time, an irreversible decline of Leftism has already begun. Soon enough, as the decline of Leftism accelerates, the road to Nihilism will be decisively closed – hopefully forever.