All people of good sense throughout history and throughout the world have recognized that which is truly best. Certain gifted men have even gone through the trouble of spelling it out for us (e.g. Aristotle’s Nicomachaean Ethics).

Unfortunately, certain forces unleashed by the French Revolution have gradually corrupted the ability of people to recognize that which is truly best. Throughout the Modern Age, the good sense of more and more people has been progressively eroded by the oh-so-lovely but false and illusory ideals of weak and sick individuals.

As I’ve indicated before, the progressive ideals of the Modern Age represent a resurgence of the ideals of the Primitive Christian movement. Any rational appraisal of the Christian Gospel must acknowledge the fact that it is fundamentally and fully anti-traditional. Primitive Christianity was nothing short of a revolution by resentful and shameful beings against the way things actually work best in reality. It is clearly the origin of all modern Leftism; Jesus Christ was the original Social Justice Warrior.

Some may point out that the leaders of the French Revolution tried to abolish Christianity. As I’ve endeavored to explain before, the Christianity that these and all other Leftists have always opposed was Traditional European Christianity, the true essence of which was not the Christian Gospel but the timeless European Tradition which has always valued strength over weakness, health over sickness, beauty over ugliness and intelligence over stupidity.

“But they tried to establish a Cult of Reason”, some may protest. The “reason” that Leftists have always worshipped is not anywhere near the good sense that is genuine reason, but is a demented, sophistic reason that spawns only glorified nonsense and elaborate delusion. It is a reason grounded not in the reality of things as they really are – which is real truth – but in sentiments, desires, fantasies and illusions.

“So what is truly best?”, one might ask. Well, if you’re a person of good sense, you can certainly find out easily enough if you don’t know already. Of course, you won’t find out from any source which is of a Leftist persuasion, and that includes the Christian Gospel. Leftists have never wanted what is truly best. In fact, they have always hated that which is truly best and have constantly worked to undermine and destroy that which is truly best.

If you’re not a person of good sense, you can’t really know what is truly best unless you can somehow become a person of good sense. This certainly is possible; I’ve done it.

And if you need to ask what good sense actually is, I’m afraid I have no hope for you. If you can’t intuitively understand what good sense is, I don’t think you’ll ever understand it.