The following are some arguments that suggest that Jesus Christ is not at all what he is said to be by those who believe in him. Much of Christian teaching is doublespeak and doublethink, and this is nowhere more so than in the Gospels which present the story and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is important to bear in mind that one may say one thing and at the same time suggest something quite opposite to what one is saying. There is an art to this type of deception (well known to the Jews), in which the real message that one wishes to convey is presented surreptitiously beneath a cover of superficial and even illusory statements…

Jesus loves whores (John 8:1-11 “he who among you is without sin”)

Mary Magdalene is prominent in the Gospel because she was Jesus’ favorite whore. The “woman caught in adultery” in John 8:1-11 has often been identified as Mary Magdalene. This passage teaches that no one should ever judge others, which means that every kind of sin is to be allowed. When Jesus says “go and sin no more”, what he really means is “from now on, don’t think of your sin as being sin”.

There are a number of passages in the Gospels where female followers of Jesus are mentioned by name, such as Luke 8:1-3. These women are said to have been “cured of evil spirits and infirmities”, which could well be a euphemistic way of saying that they had been “liberated” by Jesus. Luke 8:3 says that these women provided for Jesus and his apostles “out of their resources”; a likely explanation for this is that these experienced women provided Jesus and his apostles with some of the income from their prostitution, not to mention freely giving their sexual services to Jesus and his apostles.

The Gospels say that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit of God. It’s a nice story, but it’s clearly a fiction. In fact, what is much more likely is that Jesus’ mother Mary was quite the opposite of a chaste maiden. I’m certainly not the first to suggest that Jesus was the bastard son of a whore.

Jesus loves queers

Jesus was a bisexual hedonist. The fact that Jesus never had a regular relationship with a woman is fairly indicative. As well as regularly enjoying the services of his favorite whore, Mary Magdalene, Jesus was regularly intimate with his favorite disciple John (“the disciple whom Jesus loved”).

In chapter 96 of Pistis Sophia, John is called “the virgin” (in this particular passage, both Mary Magdalene and John the virgin are said to be above all other disciples). It is unusual that a man be called a virgin. This appellation apparently indicates that John never had sex with a woman; he therefore was a virgin as far as women are concerned, but this wouldn’t necessarily exclude a homoerotic relationship. The Ancient Greek practice of pederasty was certainly not unknown among Jews like Jesus and his followers who rejected the strictures of Judaism.

It is interesting to note the term “Uranian” in connection to gender deviance and homosexuality. This use of a term meaning “heavenly” in relation to deviant sexual behavior casts a suggestive light on the pervasive emphasis in Christian scriptures on all that is “heavenly” (and the corresponding rejection of all that is “worldly” or “secular”, i.e. natural and normal).

Jesus is a proponent of victimization

Jesus wants you to let yourself be abused (“turn the other cheek” – Matthew 5:39) and even to rejoice in being abused (“blessed are you when they persecute you” – Matthew 5:11). Using victimhood as a means of morally elevating oneself above others is a well-known tactic among modern liberals (“Black Lives Matter”, for example); it is also one of the foremost strategies used by Jews throughout history (and exploited to the full in the enormous hoax called the “Holocaust”).

Jesus wants you to disadvantage yourself by giving more than necessary. In Matthew 5:40-41, Jesus says “if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well; and if someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two”. Note the terms “sue” and “forces”, both of which suggest coercion or compulsion. This clearly means that people should allow others to coerce or compel them to do what they don’t want to do, which effectively encourages wrongdoers rather than opposing them.

Jesus is an arrogant hypocrite (John 12:1-8)

When “some woman” anoints Jesus with expensive nard, Judas rightly points out the inappropriate nature of the act. (Queer John’s assertion that Judas was a thief is obviously an unsupported slander.) It is generally admitted that Jesus was right to justify this act because he was the Son of God, but in fact he simply felt that he deserved to receive special treatment for no good reason (i.e. that he was entitled to special treatment).

Jesus approves of feminism and is against traditional gender roles (Luke 10:38-42)

When Martha complains to Jesus that her sister Mary should perform her womanly duties, Jesus justifies Mary. This signifies that Jesus prefers that women should shun their traditional womanly duties.

Jesus is in favor of disregarding natural family relations (Matthew 12:46-50)

When Jesus’ mother and brothers wish to speak to him, Jesus refuses to see them, essentially saying that they are not righteous enough to be his family. This is a clear rejection of natural family relations. In Mark 13:12, Jesus says “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child. Children will rise against their parents and have them put to death.” The fact of the matter is that those who are here portrayed as being betrayed are the ones who betrayed their own families, and their own traditions as well. This is an obvious instance of the culprit calling himself the victim – a classic Jewish tactic.

Jesus is an agent of division (Luke 12:51-53)

Jesus says that he has not come to bring peace, but a sword (Matthew 10:34). Christian apologists insist that the division wrought by Jesus is between the good and the evil, between the righteous and the wrongdoers, but this is a false interpretation. The division that Jesus really intends to bring about is between those who hold to natural and traditional hierarchies, social structures, gender roles, and ethnic and racial distinctions, and those who reject them due to envy, resentment and spite. The subversive mission of Jesus and his followers has always been to destroy natural and traditional social groups by introducing unnatural concepts and deceptive ideas to divide their members.

Jesus is anti-authoritarian (Matthew 20:25-26)

A big part of Jesus’ mission consisted of challenging and defying traditional authorities and hierarchies. In the passage cited above, Jesus tells his followers that they should not recognize any rulers at all. This is in line with his admonition not to call anyone “father” except for God. It is also perfectly in line with the modern liberal notion of equality (or egalitarianism) as well as the fundamental ideal of Communism.

Jesus Christ is truly evil

In the foregoing, I have treated Jesus and his story as historical. But I don’t believe that Jesus existed as a historical person at all. Visit Kenneth Humphreys’ excellent site for all the information that clearly shows that all New Testament history is nothing but fiction.

Yet, the myth of Jesus Christ has been very real for the past two millennia, and that myth has to be dealt with as a real historical phenomenon. Not only are the teachings of Jesus full of deception and lies, but the very way that Jesus has been depicted is also a work of deception and lies.

Jesus Christ has always been presented as a lovely, wonderful and righteous preacher who only wanted what was best for everyone and who wanted to save the world. But his teachings and his influence are all about disrupting natural and normal relationships and structures in order to “liberate” every kind of vile and base being. He is essentially opposed to all who are truly better human beings and on the side of those resentful and spiteful types who despise those who are truly better.

What I have presented above is the way Jesus Christ truly should be depicted according to the real nature of his teachings: as a subversive deviant who endeavors to disrupt and to destroy the natural and normal way of things. As I’ve indicated in a previous essay, Jesus Christ truly is the prototype of all modern liberal SJW’s who are possessed with an infernal obsession to annihilate everything which is normal, natural and traditional.

Jesus Christ is really the godfather of everything which threatens that which is good and right in human society. And this is exactly what the Jews who created Jesus have always wanted Jesus to be. (By the way, when it comes to the Jews’ relationship to Jesus, never underestimate the Jews’ ability to dissemble and deceive.) In fact, it has become my honest opinion that Jesus Christ is not at all the Son of God, but rather the Son of the Devil, and the foremost Deceiver in all of history, just as the Jews are not the Chosen People of God, but rather the Chosen People of the Devil, and the foremost Deceivers in all of history.

[N.B. As I typed this essay, I kept typing ‘Jewsus’ rather than ‘Jesus’. I think there may be something to that…]