If there’s one conclusion that needs to be drawn about human beings in general, it’s that they will never learn. As long as human beings continue to seek the lovely, pleasant and wonderful ways that enthrall them, and to disregard the right, real and true ways that they don’t like, they constantly get themselves into all kinds of nonsense and trouble. The more human beings strive for the lovely, the pleasant and the wonderful, the more every conceivable ill, error and wrong eventually results. And yet, they just don’t get it; if they recognize it at all, they tend to think that it’s normal and natural that so much that they do leads to some kind of evil sooner or later (“it’s all good”).

The guiding idea of modern liberal democracy is that human beings should be allowed to freely abandon themselves to every decadent activity, every degenerate ideal and every diseased tendency. For this reason, the very purpose of modern liberal democracy is to gradually undermine the order and structure of society (especially by eradicating everything that is of a genuinely traditional nature) in order to maximize freedom. The result of this must necessarily be the reduction of everything in society to the lowest common denominator, which will necessarily bring about the destruction of civilization sooner or later. This may seem like an exaggerated or alarmist claim to most people, but to the few who truly understand how things really work in natural reality, the eventual consequences of all of the current trends in this modern world are obvious and undeniable.

(Another important thing to consider is the fact that business is really the single most important thing in modern liberal democracy. This doesn’t mean that business is wrong or bad, but many serious problems in society are obviously the result of business trumping moral and ethical considerations. Any order and structure that is retained in modern liberal society serves only to preserve and to increase the generation of revenue. As long as the money flows, anything goes.)

The preservation of a properly ordered and civilized society is why human beings need good, strong rulers, no matter how much they may not want them. Obviously, there is no such thing as a good, strong ruler in modern liberal democracy. Almost every leader in this modern world is really an evil, weak ruler rather than a good, strong ruler, including “Barack Obama” in the USA, Justin Trudeau in Canada, David Cameron in the UK, François Hollande in France and Angela Merkel in Germany. Even the Pinko Pope Francis is an evil, weak ruler (in fact, especially so).

All of the evil, weak rulers of this modern world consistently encourage people to embrace the illusions, deceptions and lies that promise them paradise but that ultimately create tragedy, devastation and chaos. By constantly promoting everyone’s favorite sentiments such as love, tolerance and hope, the evil, weak rulers of this modern world routinely set the people up to fall into all of their traps. As I’ve written before, all of this is essentially the triumph of the teachings of Jesus Christ and of the Christian religion.

Exceptions to this are Vladimir Putin in Russia, Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines. These three among others seem to be exactly the kind of good, strong ruler that human beings really need to keep them from getting themselves into every possible form of insanity, deviance and perversion. Such good, strong rulers are not afraid to insist on that which is right, real and true for the genuine welfare of their subjects, even despite their misguided wishes and desires. And this is precisely the reason why these three rulers and others like them are so greatly hated by the modern liberal democratic powers.

The foremost example of a good, strong ruler who defied the fraudulent evil of modern liberal democracy by making everything right under his rule is Adolf Hitler. This is why the forces of modern liberal democracy (the Americans and British) in association with their Communist partners (the Soviet Russians) did everything possible to annihilate Adolf Hitler, the National Socialist Party and the Third Reich. All of the propaganda lies against Hitler, the Nazis and the Third Reich that have been incessantly produced to this very day (including the Holocaust™ fabrication) are intended to demonize all good, strong rulers. Although all of this may not always keep good, strong rulers from gaining power, it at least ensures that they will be universally vilified by all lovers of modern liberal democracy.

What this world really needs is for good, strong rulers to take power in most (if not all) modern liberal democratic states, and to put an end once and for all to the deceptive fraud which is modern liberal democracy as well as the Christian religion that fundamentally enables it. By the way, leaders like Nigel Farage in the UK (who recently retired after the pseudo-victory of Brexit), Marine Le Pen in France and Norbert Hofer in Austria aren’t exactly the good, strong ruler type, and I have serious doubts about the true motivations of Donald Trump. (In fact, I have my doubts about Vladimir Putin too.) Most apparent opponents of the prevailing liberal democratic regimes in this modern world are not at all opposed to modern liberal democracy and are not genuinely of the good, strong ruler type. They are all essentially controlled opposition, merely puppets of modern liberal democracy.

Honestly, I don’t even believe that it’s actually possible for genuinely good, strong rulers to take power in this modern world. The forces of modern liberal democracy really do control everything, even their apparent opposition. It seems quite likely to me that things can’t truly get better until they finish getting worse, and we’re not even close to seeing the worst yet. So I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, I’ll just keep watching all of the believing fools who glorify those puppets who pose as their saviors, and reminding myself that human beings will simply never learn.