In my previous articles, I spoke about the fact that attacks on Christianity are essentially attacks on European Tradition. This is due to the fact that Traditional European Christianity is the vehicle through which European Tradition has historically maintained itself among European peoples.

Nevertheless, there are indeed many instances when the fundamental elements of Christianity themselves, including the Jesus Christ character, are directly targeted. Such attacks clearly directed at the heart of the Christian Gospel would seem to have nothing to do with European Tradition. But in fact, they do.

In one of my previous articles, I referred to Christianity as being like a Trojan Horse for the White Race. It could just as well be thought of as controlled opposition for the enemies of the White Race.

When someone attacks someone else’s strongly held cherished belief, that someone else will usually react by holding on even more strongly to their cherished belief. When someone attacks the core of the Christian Gospel, it usually serves to strengthen the faith of the devout Christian. The more Christianity is persecuted, the more devout Christians will cling to it. There are ample demonstrations of this in the first few centuries of the Christian movement.

Concerning the Jesus Christ character, the more a leader is targeted by his opponents, the more that leader gains legitimacy among his faithful followers. By denigrating and slandering the Jesus Christ character, his enemies guarantee that his faithful followers will fully believe in him, and will thus do everything that he requires them to do exactly as he told them to do.

The enemies of the White Race understand all of this completely, and this is precisely why they love to attack Christianity (or to encourage others to attack it). They know that their attacks on Christianity will practically guarantee that devout Christians will remain devout Christians, which means that they will remain devoutly enthralled to the Christian Gospel and will therefore fail to properly acknowledge their own European Tradition. In this way, attacks on Christianity itself are indirect actions against European Tradition.

One weapon used to attack Christianity is modern rationalistic scientism, which is the liberal promotion of rational science as a quasi-religion. Over the past few centuries, rationalistic scientism has waged a constant campaign against Christianity. It is no coincidence that the rise of rationalistic scientism has been paralleled by a resurgence of the original Christianity of the Gospel (i.e. Primitive Christianity). As a result, there has been a division of most White people in modern times into partisans of either rationalistic scientism or the original Christianity of the Gospel, both of which are in favor of modern liberal values such as tolerance, multiculturalism and globalism. In the process, the non-Christian European Tradition which properly belongs to White people has been increasingly disregarded and forsaken.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Christian Gospel is exactly the opposite of what White people need to defend and maintain themselves against all of their enemies. The teachings of the Christian Gospel are precisely designed to keep White people from fighting their enemies in any real way. The Christian Gospel would have White people remaining forever meek and mild, always turning the other cheek, obeying all authorities because they are appointed by God (Romans 13), persevering faithfully through all hardships and woes, enduring all persecution and tribulation with hope for their salvation from on high, until their very extinction.