In my previous article, “Two Paganisms, Two Christianities”, I used the term “Paganism” for the religious traditions of our White European ancestors. In this article, I will drop the term “Paganism” (which necessarily does have derogatory connotations) in favor of “European Tradition”. “European Tradition” is a much more accurate and appropriate term because it clearly includes the values and beliefs which our White European ancestors truly held and excludes everything that was not actually found among them.

As I have mentioned before, it is a terrible shame that many racially-aware Whites today confuse European Tradition and Christianity. Pro-Christian racially-aware Whites fail to realize that most of the values and beliefs that they hold dear are really the values and beliefs of European Tradition and not Christian values and beliefs at all. They simply don’t understand how much they still retain the values and beliefs of their own pre-Christian European ancestors, and sadly enough, they are inclined to reject this very thought altogether.

(On the other hand, there are also many racially-aware Whites who generally attribute genuinely good values such as ethical holiness and moral righteousness exclusively to Christianity, and who therefore generally reject such good values. These anti-Christian racially-aware Whites consequently buy wholeheartedly into the Christian stereotype of the “Pagan” as an extremely vile, brutish and horrible type of demonic being.)

Whenever the enemies of the White Race attack Christianity, it is not Christianity per se that they are attacking. The enemies of the White Race – including the Jews above all – know perfectly well that the Christian Gospel (i.e. the Gospel of Primitive Christianity) is not a problem for them at all, but rather a blessing for them because it teaches people to be meek and mild (i.e. obedient and submissive), to turn the other cheek, and to trust God to save them from everything (if he wants, that is). (Perhaps the Jewish origin of Christianity should be reiterated here…) Whenever the enemies of the White Race attack Christianity, what they are really attacking is the European Tradition that Europeans have continued to hold under the name “Christianity”, and even despite the Christian Gospel.

The survival of elements of European Tradition throughout European history is well known and well documented. Historians of European culture know quite well how much European Tradition survived among the European peoples after the introduction of Christianity. Among the numerous examples of this are the use of Christmas trees and the celebration of May Day, as well as the establishment of Christian places of worship (churches and shrines) on the exact locations where Traditional Europeans had always worshipped, and the identification of some of the deities of European Tradition with Christian angels and saints (e.g. St. Michael continuing the Celtic Lugus under a different name).

It is understood by many that Christianity assimilated many elements of European Tradition in order to make Christianity acceptable to European folks. This does seem to be what happened on the surface. But the way I see it, what really happened was nothing less than the attribution of the Christian name to a largely uninterrupted European Tradition. This was accompanied by a subordination of the Primitive Christian Gospel – the fundamental essence of Christianity – to the renamed European Tradition. There was no real transformation from European Tradition to Traditional European “Christianity”; it was nothing more than a nominal and superficial change.

One remarkable instance of the survival of European Tradition in Medieval Europe is the division of the people into three classes: the Priests, the Nobles and the Peasants. The institution of the Estates General of medieval France clearly displays this aspect of European Tradition. This division of the people is the exact continuation of the prehistoric Indo-European division of the people into three classes as demonstrated by French researcher Georges Dumézil (the “trifunctional hypothesis”).


Perhaps nowhere is the discrepancy between European Tradition and Christianity greater than in the history of war in Europe. All of the victories of European peoples against foreign (mostly Islamic) invaders and occupiers are routinely credited to their Christian faith. This is simply and blatantly false. The will of the European peoples throughout history to defend and to protect themselves and their own from foreign invaders can’t possibly be due to the Christian faith. It is quite patently due to the survival of European Tradition.

If King Clovis of the Franks really did call on the Christian God to help him win his battle against the Alamanni around 496 AD (the story is possibly an invention by Gregory of Tours), it was certainly not because of the Christian Gospel at all. King Clovis’ acceptance of the God of Christianity is a clear indication that this God was already quite fully assimilated to the traditional European conception of a Supreme God like Zeus, Jupiter or Odin, rather than a God of Love, Guilt and Damnation like the God of the Christian Gospel.

Charles Martel and his Frankish warriors were not motivated by the Christian Gospel when they fought and defeated an Islamic invasion force near Poitiers in 732 AD. That which motivated them was obviously the retention of European Tradition, particularly in its warrior aspects. And the same goes for every engagement in which Europeans fought against non-European enemies (and also against other Europeans, unfortunately).

If one doubts this, one should seriously consider the substance and import of the Christian Gospel and ask oneself if it ever could have encouraged anyone to defend themselves against anything at all. The fact of the matter is that the Christian Gospel is practically opposed to the very concept of defending and protecting oneself against threats, whether militarily or otherwise, and this is clearly a fundamental element in the Christian Gospel. Whoever might actually believe otherwise certainly doesn’t know what the Christian Gospel is at all.

In modern times, the practically insane thinking of the Christian Gospel is brilliantly reflected in the statement by one of the most idiotic leaders in world history: “If you kill your enemies, they win”. Quite obviously, the almost total lack of opposition to the steady flooding of European countries with hordes of non-Whites in recent years has everything to do with the resurgence in modern times of values and beliefs that come straight from the Christian Gospel and with a concomitant disintegration and disappearance of European Tradition.

A clear indication of the resurgence of the Gospel of Primitive Christianity in modern times is the Pinko Pope Francis, whose messages of love, tolerance and pathological altruism are the result of an exact and perfectly faithful interpretation of the teachings of the Christian Gospel. For over a millennium, the Roman Catholic Church was the bastion of Traditional European “Christianity”, but that is obviously no longer the case. During the past half-century or so (more or less since Vatican II), the Roman Catholic Church has actively endeavored to eradicate every trace of European Tradition both within itself and without, and has wholeheartedly embraced the true Christian Gospel.


Like the successes of European armies in warfare, the intellectual developments of European history were in no way due to Christianity. The Christian Gospel consistently emphasizes mystical “spirituality” while denigrating genuine wisdom (“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight” 1 Corinthians 3:19). Christianity is fundamentally a mystical religion, and all mysticism has always been opposed to intelligent reason. Among other things, the Christian disdain for intelligence and reason is clearly reflected in the pathological Christian obsession for the miraculous (see the “Venerable” Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People, for a particularly mind-boggling example).

None of the advances of European science and technology would ever have been possible if Europe had truly been Christian. Although Aristotle and other Greek thinkers are usually credited as the Fathers of European Science, it was European Tradition generally that always compelled Europeans to learn and to know more and more, and to build and create ever more excellent things. The evidence for remarkable ingenuity and creativity among the ancient Celtic and Germanic folks is certainly not lacking (read The Celts by Peter Berresford Ellis).

It is interesting to note that Thomas Aquinas never could finish his work synthesizing Christian belief with intellectual philosophy – the Summa Theologica. Perhaps the real reason for this is that he finally recognized that his attempt to reconcile a mystical faith with genuine reason was profoundly illusory and necessarily deceptive.


The Jesus character of the Christian Gospel is clearly a Social Justice Warrior. Like all modern SJW’s, the Jesus character is clearly depicted as being on the side of all of the worst elements of society. The Jesus character is the friend of deviants and degenerates, including whores and thieves. He is always willing to defend and to justify people of questionable character (“Whoever is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at her” John 8:7) and guarantees forgiveness for anyone. As the staunch ally of all of the less reputable elements of society, the Jesus character is also the sworn enemy of all of the best elements of society.

By pointing out that the Jesus character is depicted as being a friend of deviants and degenerates, I am not necessarily suggesting that Christianity encourages deviant and degenerate behavior (although it is no secret that religions like Christianity and Islam which are practically founded on guilt, shame and resentment will often foster secret tendencies towards deviance and perversion). What I am suggesting is that Christianity capitalizes on the bad feelings of deviants and degenerates (shame, guilt, envy, resentment, etc.) in order to turn them against all the better elements of society. This is precisely what modern Leftists do: win over all of the disadvantaged and disaffected scum of the earth in order to sic them on the better folks.

From the fourth century onwards, the Jesus character underwent a radical transformation. He tended to be seen less and less as a meek and mild preacher who loved sinners and more and more as a strong conquering hero. This clearly paralleled the subordination of the Christian Gospel to European Tradition. The process of evangelizing the “pagan” Germanic folks contributed greatly to this transformation: in the Old Saxon Hêliand, Jesus is depicted as a Germanic warlord (a drohtin). The Jesus of the Middle Ages was much closer to the traditional European idea of a Divine Lord like Lugus (Lugh) of the Celts than to the oh-so-lovable Jesus of the Christian Gospel.


European Tradition has always worked for the benefit of European folks. This is the very reason why it was retained throughout the Middle Ages despite the introduction of Christianity. If the Primitive Christianity of the Gospel had really become the religion of Europe during the first centuries AD, it certainly would have meant the total ruin of Europe, and it would have meant the extinction of the European peoples long before today, whether by the swords of the Huns in the fifth century, or those of the Muslims in the 8th century, or those of the Mongols in the 13th century, or those of the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century. Note well what is happening to the European peoples now, and recognize that it is due to the widespread adoption of the values and beliefs of the Christian Gospel in modern times (thanks to the Jews, of course).

The question may well be asked: “If European Tradition was everything that our European ancestors needed, why did they adopt Christianity at all, even if only nominally?” One possible answer, at least as far as the common folks are concerned, is that they were enticed with the false promise of salvation and/or coerced with the equally false threat of damnation. Another possible answer – which may well be related to the previous answer – is that some unscrupulous European leaders understood the potential value of Christianity as an “opiate of the masses”. Of course, there were also instances of Christianity being imposed by force, as Charlemagne did to the Saxons between 772 and 804, and as was done to the Baltic peoples a few centuries later during the “Northern Crusades”.

There is truly no good reason for a racially-aware White European to cling to any kind of Christianity. There is nothing whatsoever in the Christian Gospel which is truly beneficial for White European folks and a lot that is clearly detrimental to White European folks (such as the pathological altruism which patently allows for White Genocide). I honestly believe that all racially-aware White Europeans should embrace the European Tradition that truly belongs to them and reject everything that does not truly belong to European Tradition. This is the only way to bring about the genuine unity of all White Europeans against their common enemies.