It is interesting to observe how modern Christians are aligned with modern secular society. This alignment is due to the resurgence of primitive Christian views and values during the Enlightenment. Especially since the French Revolution, the primitive Christian obsession with love, compassion and tolerance has gradually prevailed over all of modern society.

The only real differences in the views and values of modern Christians and modern secular people have to do with that which is irrelevant, unimportant or imaginary (e.g. believing in Jesus Christ). Modern Christians and modern secular people tend to have the same views and values when it comes to the obvious, the immediate and the concrete, and both groups tend to be ignorant of the true nature of ills, errors and wrongs which are beyond their limited perceptual grasp.

Both modern Christians and modern secular folks agree that hate is always wrong and that love is always right. They both firmly believe that everything which is lovely, wonderful and pleasant is to be embraced wholeheartedly, and that everything which is not lovely, wonderful and pleasant should not exist. They are both convinced that the principal measures of value should always be sentiments and desires such as happiness, pleasure and love. Such views represent one of the greatest deceptions in all of human history.

One may wonder at the prevalence of Christian views and values in a modern secular society, especially considering the historical opposition between modern secular society and Christianity. The fact of the matter is that the traditional European Christianity that existed from the late Roman Empire to early modern times had an entirely different nature from the original primitive Christianity.

Traditional European Christianity was (even despite its mystical excesses) an intellectual spirituality that maintained the right and opposed the wrong, whereas the emphasis in primitive Christianity (even despite its intellectual sophistry) had been on a sentimental spirituality desiring the good and loathing the bad. Traditional European Christianity valued order, justice and righteousness above all; the principal values of primitive Christianity had been love, compassion and tolerance. Primitive Christianity had been a religion of resentment and envy designed to suit miserable outcasts and rejects; traditional European Christianity was a religion of authority and order intended to produce a truly better and higher society.

Modern secular society has never opposed primitive Christian views and values. What it has consistently attacked is traditional European Christianity.

It should be noted that those vile Femen sluts will attack traditional European Churches, such as the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches, but never the more open and liberal modern churches.

It is truly a sign of the times that the great bastion of traditional European Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church, has now been entirely subverted by the views and values of primitive Christianity. The Papacy of Pope Francis is a clear indication that the aims of Vatican II have been fully achieved, and that the Roman Catholic Church no longer represents traditional European Christianity.