After having ruled over the Uindonian nation for 24 years, King Robert called together an assembly of the Holy and Noble Ones of the Uindonian nation in order to speak to them. Once the Holy and Noble Ones had assembled before him, King Robert stood up and began to speak. Thus spoke King Robert:

“Since the death of my father King William over 24 years ago, I have ruled over this Uindonian nation as its King. During this time, I have had the privilege of overseeing the ever-increasing greatness of this Uindonian nation, and I rejoice in it.

“Our young warriors are brave, proud and strong. There is not one among them who is cowardly, weak or lazy. They are not afraid of battle; indeed, they relish the righteous struggle of warfare. No one will ever defeat them as long as they remain brave, proud and strong.

“A good number of our young warriors have died the best kind of death on the battlefields. For the glory of our holy nation, they were not averse to dying gloriously in battle against our enemies. We must remember them forever with thanks. And we know that their holy souls have received the most excellent rewards for their self-sacrifice.

“During the reign of my father King William and during my own reign, we have repeatedly defeated all of our enemies. Now all of the vile children of darkness are subdued. We did not ask them to submit to us. We did not negotiate with them. We attacked them without mercy and we utterly destroyed their power. We beat them into submission and reduced them to nothing. By our righteous might, we overcame them all.

“King William, my holy father, taught me that we should be good with our families, honest with our friends and decent with our allies, but that we should never hesitate to chastise our enemies as they deserve. We must necessarily have enemies, for this is the reality of natural existence. Let us never be slow to treat our enemies as such so that our glorious nation will always remain a glorious nation.

“Our glorious and noble nation is the fruit of virtuous men and holy women. We are the result of the best breeding, the manifestation of the excellence of our ancestors. Our noble ancestors did not allow our nation to be compromised by sick, perverse and degenerate elements. It is for the greater glory of our nation that they mercilessly eliminated the morally degenerate and the psychologically diseased from among them so that such vermin could not infest our nation.

“By favoring the best of their progeny and by exterminating all undesirable individuals, our noble ancestors encouraged the development of a strong and healthy nation, truly the best of our race. We must continue to weed out the freaks, faggots and deviants from among us, without pity, and to make an example of them for all to see, so that our glorious nation will always remain a glorious nation.

“When the Uindonian nation began to form after the demise of the old degenerate and perverse world, the Gods looked upon the incipient Uindonian nation with favor because they saw that our most holy and noble ancestors had every intention of making sure that the Uindonian nation would become a truly holy and glorious nation. The Gods were pleased with our most holy and noble ancestors because of the righteous laws and customs that they promulgated, and the Gods honored the efforts of our most holy and noble ancestors by granting them victory and prosperity. To this day, we have kept the righteous laws and customs of our most holy and noble ancestors, and this is why we have not ceased to be the truly holy and glorious nation that our most holy and noble ancestors brought into existence through their righteous will.

“Moreover, the Gods observed the righteous campaigns of our most holy and noble ancestors against all of the peoples of other races that once lived in this land. In the old degenerate and perverse world, many different races were encouraged to mix together into a confused, multicultural mess. Along with our own ancestors, not only had the aboriginal primitives been allowed to remain, but there were also all of the foreign dark-skinned hordes that had come to infest these territories from the more uncivilized parts of the world. And let us not forget that most cunning race whose very raison-d’être was to treacherously debase and defile good righteous people in order to parasitize them.

“Through many years of constant campaigning, beginning under the reign of the very first king of the Uindonian nation, the holy King Arthur, our most holy and noble ancestors drove away all of the peoples of other races, including people of mixed race. All of the cunning vermin that could be captured have been eliminated. Thus our most holy and noble ancestors cleansed the land, and saved their nation from many troubles, and this was to the Gods’ great satisfaction. And we have continued to wage war against all peoples of other races, never allowing them to become a threat to us. Indeed, we have constantly forced the peoples of other races to retreat further and further away from us. See how glorious our nation truly is!

“Neither have we allowed the subversive ideas and nefarious concepts of vile foreigners to infest our minds, and to dissuade us from the excellent ways of our most holy and noble ancestors. As long as we continue to reject the sweet deceptions and pleasant errors of alien prophets, our nation shall forever remain a glorious nation. But if we ever compromise ourselves by adopting the ideas and concepts of contemptible weaklings and cunning demons, the glory of our nation will surely disappear.

“In the old degenerate and perverse world, seductive teachers were regularly allowed to preach their lovely diseases and pretty lies, such as equality, democracy, liberalism, tolerance and human rights, and the minds of the peoples became completely infested with every corrupt idea and diseased notion. This was the reason for the steady deterioration and decadence of the old world. Because of the wrongful ideals and erroneous values preached by wicked teachers and false prophets, the society of the old world was riddled with every conceivable form of weakness, sickness, madness and sinfulness, and crime, corruption and deception were commonplace. Thankfully, the catastrophic demise of the old degenerate and perverse world brought these ills and evils largely to an end.

“But for a brief time in the history of our own Uindonian nation, during the reign of my holy grandfather Kind Edward, the seductive teachings of error and evil resurfaced, and deceptive prophets appeared in our Holy Nation in order to debase, to debauch and ultimately to destroy us. My grandfather King Edward and the Holy and Noble Ones with him recognized these devils for what they truly were, and understood that their seductive ramblings were a grave threat to the wellbeing of our nation. Therefore, our most holy and noble ancestors did not hesitate to consign these devils to the fire, thus sending them back to Hell. Let us always be vigilant and let us never refrain from ridding ourselves of these sweet-talking devils!

“The Uindonian nation does not need a Gospel of cowards, losers and slaves, like the Christian Gospel of the old degenerate and perverse world. May the day never come when the base desires and vile dreams of inferior men and women become the guiding principles of our nation! Our glorious nation was not built up on the shameful principles of servility, humility and weakness. Our glorious nation was built up on the proud principles of holiness, righteousness and power. It is because of these superior principles that the Uindonian nation has prevailed and prospered. And we know that there is no place whatsoever among the Gods in Heaven for cowards, losers and slaves.

“You all know that in the old degenerate and perverse world, many people were supported by the government. Actually, it was called “government assistance”, but it might as well have been called “government dependence”. Many of the people who lived in dependence on government support were disabled and diseased, but then many of the so-called disabilities were largely imaginary mental conditions. In any case, many people in the old degenerate and perverse world were quick to find “acceptable reasons” to avoid working for themselves and earning their own money, although the real reason was quite often a simple case of shameful laziness. And the government obviously had no problem with giving handouts to all of those weaklings, losers and delinquents. Let us be thankful that our holy and noble ancestors had the good sense to reject and to put an end to all such “government assistance” nonsense. One of the best things our holy and noble ancestors ever did was to deal decisively with all of the vile scum that were assuming that the gravy train of so-called “government assistance” would last forever.

“Let me speak to our Holy Ones, to the priests, prophets and poets of our glorious nation. To you who have been blessed by the Gods with sacred spiritual gifts, the keeping of our Holy Tradition has been entrusted. Through your ritual incantations, through your righteous proclamations and through your holy odes, it is your responsibility to maintain and transmit the Holy Tradition of our nation as it was first formulated by our most holy and noble ancestors. You know that our most Holy Tradition should by no means be a subject of debate or of negotiation because it is the very foundation of our glory and prosperity. We trust that you will forever keep our Holy Tradition in its perfect integrity without any compromise so that because of it our nation will remain forever a glorious and prosperous nation.

“Let me also speak to the noble mothers of the Uindonian nation. See how the Gods have blessed the Uindonian nation through the strong and healthy children of holy mothers! It is the greatest gift of a woman to bear and to raise righteous children. This has always been true, and it will always be true. May the Uindonian nation always be blessed with holy and noble mothers!

“Our Holy Nation lacks nothing. We have the power to secure all of the resources that we need, we have the knowledge to transform these resources into the best products and tools, and we have the wisdom to put these products and tools to the best use. We certainly are not obsessed with mindless materialistic concerns like people were in the old degenerate and perverse world, but we have everything we need in abundance. All of our farmers, our craftsmen and our workers who provide us all with their goods and services contribute to the glory of our Uindonian nation. Let us never be lax in ensuring that the endeavors of our people are never wasted or carried out in vain. Let us profit fully from what we have gained as a result of making the Uindonian nation the glorious nation that it truly is.

“I have already praised our Holy Warriors, and our Holy Priests, Prophets and Poets. I have also praised the Noble Mothers of the Uindonian Nation, as well as our farmers, craftsmen and workers. Let me now praise the entire Uindonian nation.

“The Uindonian nation is a strong and brave nation. There is no place in the Uindonian nation for weaklings and cowards. The Uindonian nation is a righteous and holy nation. There is no place in the Uindonian nation for criminals and sinners. The Uindonian nation is a noble and free nation. There is no place in the Uindonian nation for the vile and the servile.

“Every day, I see the glowing pride of our Uindonian society. I see strong and healthy children, the fruit of a good marriage between a strong and healthy man and a strong and healthy woman, and my soul is filled with joy. I see proud workers diligently performing their tasks and I see faithful wives obtaining supplies at the market for their homes. Everywhere I see a properly ordered and properly functioning society, and I thank the Gods that I am able to witness such a blessed thing!

“I am always mindful that we must do our utmost to protect and maintain our precious Uindonian society, which necessarily means eliminating everything that does not properly belong to it. And I think about how horrible things had become in the old degenerate and perverse world, knowing that society back then had allowed itself to be gradually destroyed through various invasive elements that were foreign, different and abnormal. Let us always be thankful that our holy and noble ancestors made sure to eliminate all foreign, different and abnormal elements so that a beautiful and proud society such as this Uindonian society could come to be.

“The Uindonian nation is truly a nation blessed by the Gods. I am convinced that the Gods have never been displeased with the Uindonian nation because the Uindonian nation has always existed according to the Will of the Gods and the Ways of Nature, in war as well as in peace. Surely, the Gods have always smiled upon our righteous victories in battle as well as our prosperity and freedom. And the Gods undoubtedly approve of our steadfast devotion to the principles of power, holiness and virtue, and our constant vigilance against the evil forces of dysfunction, perversion and vice.

“The Uindonian nation is among the most glorious nations in all of human history. It is thanks to the righteous will of our most holy and noble ancestors that our Uindonian nation became a truly glorious nation. By virtue of the traditional laws and customs that our most holy and noble ancestors handed down to us, our Uindonian nation has always prospered and prevailed. Let us continue in every way to guarantee that our Uindonian nation will forever remain a most glorious nation.”

After he had pronounced these words, King Robert sat down on his throne. Then the Holy and Noble Ones who had assembled to hear him speak broke out in a deafening cheer, and they chanted “Long live King Robert!” and “Long live the Uindonian nation!” All of them agreed that nothing should ever be allowed to threaten the glory of the Uindonian nation, and that everything should be done to ensure that the Uindonian nation should forever remain a most glorious nation.