It is darkest before the dawn. Sometimes, things have to finish getting worse before they can start getting better. A rapid moral and ethical decline usually precedes a renewed moral and ethical upswing.

We are currently seeing the worst of all the excesses and extremes of modern Liberalism. But it may well be the last of modern Liberalism.

The big push of the Leftist Error which is presently upon us doesn’t look like the confident big push of a strong and vital movement. It resembles the final big push of a bloated movement that has begun to die. It seems to be the big push that masks a deep-seated sense of desperation, the big push that one makes when one realizes that one is losing too much ground.

The arguments of the Leftists are increasingly those of insecure and fearful beings. There is hardly any intelligent, rational thought at all among the current apologists of the Left; apparently, the best that they can offer are appeals to lovely sentimental notions like tolerance and compassion and vehement denunciations of unpleasant sentiments like hatred and fear.

The tactics of the Leftists also reveal an increasingly insecure and fearful state of mind. These increasingly consist of coercive means of forcefully imposing a consensus on people rather than achieving a consensus rationally through dialogue and persuasion. On one hand, there is the regular use of aggressive and often violent activism to try to intimidate and frighten people into surrendering to the Leftist agenda. On the other hand, there is the official use of legislation, law enforcement and the justice system to try to force people to conform to the Leftist agenda.

Like all conquering empires and universalist religions, modern Liberalism has always tended to overextend itself. In recent years, the true face of modern Liberalism has increasingly manifested itself and its ills, errors and wrongs have become more and more apparent to more and more people. Consequently, Leftists are rapidly losing control of the narrative. Their sentiment-based rationalizations are less and less persuasive.

The natural momentum of modern Liberalism is already gone, requiring a recourse to increasingly authoritarian methods and contrived means. At the same time, the resurgence of the opposition to modern Liberalism is finally well underway. Now here is the strong and vital movement! The remarkable growth and increasing consolidation of a renewed Right in recent years is undeniable. As the Left inevitably declines, the Right must undoubtedly rise.

Deep down, I think the Leftists are becoming aware that they are now in an increasingly precarious position. But most of them will never admit it. Even though they are feeling increasingly threatened by growing resistance to their sick ideas and wrongful views, they refuse to try to understand why more and more people are resisting their sick ideas and wrongful views. Without a doubt, they are obsessed enough and self-deluded enough to ignore and to deny the truth of their present situation.

So the Left won’t give up that easily. Leftist fanatics will certainly continue to push their twisted agenda as forcefully as they can. Leftist maniacs will continue to lash out frantically whenever the Left is seriously challenged. But they will be incapable of defending themselves against the rising tide of the Right. Behind all of the bluff and bluster, there is no real substance; there are only deception, illusions and lies.

The end of modern Liberalism may be much sooner than we think and it may happen even more quickly than we Imagine (R.I.H. John Lennon).