Back in the good old days, the masses generally understood that the people who ruled over them were a genuinely better kind of human being. They were certainly not perfect, and some of them were exceptionally lousy, but they generally were a genuinely better kind of human being. Although the masses may have resented them, they at least recognized them for what they really were.

But then, sometime around the French Revolution, something changed.

A certain other kind of human being, capitalizing on the resentment of the masses, led the masses to believe that their rulers really were nothing but big, bad meanies. These human beings of the other kind, which I will call Leftists, loudly denounced the genuinely better kind of human being that had generally ruled up until then. They presented themselves instead as the good, lovely and wonderful rulers that everyone should want to have, and practically promised the masses heaven on earth.

The masses largely believed all of this, but little did they know that those Leftists who wished to be their new rulers were nothing but sniveling weasels, vile deceivers and treacherous psychopaths. Despite the good, lovely and wonderful surface, these new rulers had no ability whatsoever to rule over the masses rightly, and they had no intention of doing so.

Whereas the genuinely good rulers had guided the masses consistently according to right traditions and laws in order to preserve a genuinely good social order, all that the Leftists could ever do and all that they could ever want to do was to guide the masses down the wrong track and to enable every conceivable error and evil.

The genuinely good rulers had ruled according to time-tested principles and methods that worked for a better and higher society. On the other hand, the Leftists were obsessed with implementing their beliefs, desires and fantasies as much as possible, apparently not knowing nor caring that this was precisely the recipe for gradually bringing society down to the worst and lowest possible level.

Of course, the Leftists have never completely had free rein to transform society into their perverse and deviant utopia. There has always been resistance from the better elements among the masses, and some representatives of the genuinely better kind of human being still make their views known now and again. Thankfully enough, the establishment of the absolute rule of the Leftists has not yet been allowed to happen.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Leftists must have recourse to forceful means to install their authority completely over society. But it remains to be seen whether or not the Leftists will eventually succeed in finally imposing themselves in a truly totalitarian manner over the masses. There are signs that they may just fall short of their ultimate objective as strong opposition to them and their agenda has been gradually building in recent years.

It may well be that increasing tension between the Leftists and their opponents will lead sooner or later to some kind of civil war. I think that this is probably inevitable. In fact, I also think that it is necessary – so I hope it is inevitable and I look forward to it.

Once the hostilities begin, it will soon become clear that the Leftists have no teeth. It probably won’t take long for their deceptive and illusory defenses to crumble and disappear and for their opponents to decisively gain the upper hand. And once the opponents of the Leftists have prevailed and consigned the Leftists to some kind of oblivion, it’s a pretty sure bet that the genuinely better kind of human being will finally be restored to rule over the masses.