There was a short video on the Winnipeg Free Press website recently of part of an interview with that most eminent intellectual John Ralston Saul. In this video, that most excellent man suggests that Winnipeg should be a leader in its treatment of Aboriginals.

On the issue of leadership on Aboriginal issues, John Ralston Saul says it starts in Winnipeg

The statements he makes in this short video are a brilliant example of a sophisticated intellectual telling a blatant lie.

Mr. Saul mentions that almost all of the major Canadian cities were founded at places where Aboriginals had gathered or settled. He then suggests that this means that all of these major Canadian cities owe their very existence to the Aboriginals.

What he’s basically saying is this: “White European Canadians didn’t really build these cities. It is only by virtue of the Aboriginal peoples that any of these cities exist at all.”

(This reminds me of “Obama” telling workers a few years ago that they didn’t really make what they make, that other people really make it.)

The most esteemed Mr. Saul even goes on to suggest that all of these cities should really belong to the Aboriginals.

Let’s consider an analogy. Joe lives in a tent by the river. William comes along and builds a beautiful, grand house near Joe’s tent. But of course, William didn’t really build the house. It was really because of Joe that the house was built, so it was really Joe who built the house. Therefore, the house belongs to Joe, not to William.

What Mr. Saul is saying is 100% pure bullshit.