Since I returned to Facebook last fall, I’ve had the opportunity to witness innumerable examples of stupidity, nonsense and garbage. Much of this is posted regularly by members of my immediate family, all of whom are hopelessly deluded by the mindless dogmas of this modern liberal world. Perhaps I should also mention that they are all Christians.

Some time ago, one of my aunts posted a picture of two cats, a white one and a black one, lying together on a chair. The caption said that racism was a human problem.

People obviously accept this message without any critical thinking whatsoever. They believe in what this represents on the surface but are completely unable to recognize the fact that it is perfectly erroneous.

Here are some questions that could be asked about what this particular image is trying to convey:

Have white cats ever produced an advanced civilization?

Have white cats ever produced great philosophers and statesmen?

Have white cats ever produced highly developed forms of mysticism and religion?

Have white cats ever produced highly organized states and extensive empires?

The above questions may also be applied to eggs with a white shell as opposed to eggs with a brown shell (we are all eggs!).

It seems to me that it only takes a minimum of logical reasoning to see the obvious fallacies in such sheer nonsense. But apparently, that minimum of logical reasoning is sorely lacking in the majority of people.