The Devil’s Chosen have worked tirelessly during the past two centuries or so to make life difficult for the good, honest man. It has become practically impossible for the good, honest man to truly succeed in this world; doing so would require him to involve himself with that which is morally reprehensible (e.g. deception, fraud, coercion, corruption, depravity) and ethically questionable (e.g. profiting from the sale of unnecessary products and services, treating the incompetent and the degenerate on a par with those who are truly competent and wholesome, favoring strangers and foreigners over one’s own people).

The Devil’s Chosen have placed many barriers against the good, honest man; these are designed to restrict if not prohibit the activities that a good, honest man would naturally engage in, so that a good, honest man is no longer capable of living a good life through his own work, by his own choices and according to his own merits. And the traps and snares of the Devil’s Chosen are everywhere. One of the fondest desires of the Devil’s Chosen is to lead the good, honest man into wrongful situations and difficult circumstances that he is naturally inclined to avoid, so that they may thus entrap him and gain control over him.

Though most people do not recognize these barriers, traps and snares as such, the good, honest man should see them clearly, understand them for what they really are and know exactly who is responsible for them. Unlike most people (i.e. the Masses), the good, honest man must “have eyes to see” and an independent, properly functioning mind that allows him to recognize things as they really are. The good, honest man should not be fooled by everything that the Devil’s Chosen do to rationalize and to justify the impediments and dangers that they have contrived against him. The good, honest man should recognize that more and more of these barriers, traps and snares are being established by law so that no one may be allowed to question them.

One of the favorite tactics of the Devil’s Chosen is to accuse the good, honest man who has been disadvantaged by the barriers that they themselves have set up, and who has refused to walk into the traps and snares that they themselves have laid, of having failed at life (i.e. of being a failure). This is like someone blindfolding a man and blaming him for not being able to see, or binding a man’s legs and blaming him for not being able to walk. The Devil’s Chosen are well aware of the fact that they themselves are the cause of the good, honest man’s difficulties. And it is fully in their demonic nature to try to pin the blame for their own actions on their victims.

Clearly, the modern world has been set up to favor the wicked, dishonest man, this being the kind of man that the Devil’s Chosen truly love. Only the wicked, dishonest man can truly succeed in the world that the Devil’s Chosen have made. But it certainly doesn’t have to be this way. For most of the history of civilization, systems and institutions generally were set up to favor the good, honest man. This does not mean that wicked, dishonest men could never succeed, but whenever they did, it was an exception that was soon curtailed. Punishments were fully applied to the wicked, dishonest man, and measures were taken to prevent further abuses. Contrast this with the modern world, in which the success of wicked, dishonest men is the rule rather than the exception. While the wicked, dishonest man is always rewarded in various ways, the good, honest man who dares to succeed is promptly punished and measures are quickly taken to prevent any other instances of a good, honest man becoming successful.

Adolf Hitler was a good, honest man who wanted to make things right for all good, honest men. More than any one else in all of history, he constantly opposed the Devil’s Chosen and boldly endeavored to put an end to everything that these had done to disable, disadvantage and deprive the good, honest man. This is precisely why he has constantly been demonized by the Devil’s Chosen and their wicked, dishonest friends ever since he came to power. And the demonic desire of the Devil’s Chosen to utterly annihilate Adolf Hitler’s excellent endeavor is the reason why the Third Reich was so completely obliterated at the end of World War II.

Ayn Rand wrote much about those who “hate the good for being the good”. Although Miss Rand was unable (or perhaps unwilling) to acknowledge it (for whatever reason), this is obviously the essential nature of the Devil’s Chosen. As long as the Devil’s Chosen remain in control over this world, things can never really improve for the good, honest man; in fact, they are bound only to get worse and worse for him. Nonetheless, it is to be hoped that this will not last forever…