It has become quite fashionable in this modern world to be an “anti-hater”. But what is the true nature of the “anti-hater”? Are we really supposed to believe that “anti-haters” are opposed to hate?

In fact, the “anti-haters” are at least as hateful as those that they call “haters”. No human being is without hate. It is just a matter of what one hates. And if anyone is truly filled with hate, it is obviously the “anti-haters”. Everything that the “anti-haters” say, think and do revolves around a constant, obsessive and pathological hatred.

Truth be told, the “anti-haters” hate everything that is above and beyond them. They profoundly despise everything that is truly elevated, intelligent, superior, beautiful and holy. That which they love is typically base, vile, mean, ugly and profane. There is hardly anything that is so lowly, so perverse or so decadent that the “anti-hater” won’t tolerate it. Indeed, the most hardcore “anti-haters” have no qualms about warmly embracing and actively promoting that which is lowly, perverse and decadent.

On the other hand, those who are called “haters” by the “anti-haters” love everything that is truly elevated, intelligent, superior, beautiful and holy. This is the real reason why the “haters” are vilified so much by the “anti-haters”. It is certainly true that the “haters” hate, but the things that are hated by the “haters” are things that actually deserve to be hated. Simply put, the “haters” hate rightly, while the “anti-haters” hate wrongly. How is it even possible for anyone to disagree with one who despises that which is base, vile, mean, ugly and profane, unless of course one actually loves such things?

The “anti-hater” belongs to that which Nietzsche called the “slave morality” (which Nietzsche correctly identifies as the essential nature of early, or primitive, Christianity). The “slave morality” is deeply imbued with a sense of resentment (Nietzsche used the French term ressentiment). This resentment comes from an inherently inferior nature, and is profoundly opposed to that which is genuinely superior. It is the resentment of the “anti-haters” that drives them to relentlessly attack and to try to destroy everything that is superior in nature, and to persecute those superior souls – the so-called “haters” – who love truly superior things.

Lothrop Stoddard (Revolt Against Civilization) could see well enough that the inferior masses (which he collectively called the “Under-man”), driven by their resentful hatred of all things superior, would someday devastate Traditional European Civilization. Surely, through such political ideologies as Democracy and Communism, and through such religious ideologies as Primitive Christianity (reintroduced in modern times via the “Protestant Reformation”, Vatican II and “Liberation Theology”) and Islam, the inferior masses have been increasingly encouraged to become “anti-haters”. Consequently, there has been an unrelenting assault on all of the truly superior things towards which Traditional European Civilization has always aspired and everything which historically characterized Traditional European Civilization is constantly abused, scorned and demonized.

There has always been some resentment among the inferior masses. This is natural and normal, but it has usually been moderate because the inferior masses have generally had the common sense to recognize that they are in fact inferior. But with the appearance of Christianity, the inferior masses were claimed to have a moral legitimacy superior to that of those who were genuinely superior (!!!), and the resentment of the inferior masses thus became the basis for an organized and sustained revolt against everything that is genuinely superior. Simply put, Christianity was the first religious movement to place the inferior above the superior, and thus to favor that which is essentially base, vile, mean, ugly and profane over that which is truly elevated, intelligent, superior, beautiful and holy.

Christianity, at least in its primitive manifestation, became the first great movement to aggravate the resentment of the inferior masses, and thus to mobilize the inferior masses against those who were truly superior. Fortunately, these nefarious tendencies of primitive Christianity were largely mitigated after Christianity became the official Roman religion in the late fourth century CE. But when the primitive Christianity of the inferior masses was reintroduced into Traditional European Civilization through the “Protestant Reformation”, it gave rise to the Enlightenment, which led to the French Revolution and eventually to Communism, all of which were instrumental in the all-out assault against all things superior in Traditional European Civilization.

The superior soul can clearly see that this revolt of the inferior masses in modern times has become a virulent sickness, a wicked disease, a destructive pathology. There truly is something demonic about the obsession to try to annihilate everything that is truly superior, truly beautiful and truly holy, and to promote everything that is stupid, perverse and decadent. But of course, people that are afflicted by a psychological disorder can’t be expected to realize that they have a problem, especially when the psychological disorder is socially acceptable. One certainly shouldn’t think that “anti-haters” might ever admit that they’re the ones who have a problem.

The many groups and movements in this modern world which contribute to this hateful assault on everything that is truly superior are legion. Some of the more obvious ones are: multiculturalists, anti-racists and anti-fascists (“antifas”), feminists (especially of the hideous Femen variety), gay (and transgender) rights activists, politicians (both conservative and liberal), globalists (both capitalists and communists), Jews (not just “Zionists”), the media (newspapers, television, internet, and especially satirical publications like Charlie Hebdo), the entertainment industry (movies, music, comedians) and cultural types such as artists, writers and intellectuals. Most of the people who are active in all of these groups and movements in this modern world are “anti-haters” who are united in a common hatred for everything that is truly superior, a common hatred that comes from their common inferiority. Their activities within these groups and movements stem from a desire to gradually reduce modern civilization to the lowest common denominator, which means gradually eradicating everything that is truly superior.

Thanks to such truly enlightened thinkers as René Guénon (The Crisis of the Modern World, The Reign of Quantity & the Signs of the Times) and Julius Evola (Revolt Against the Modern World, Ride the Tiger), I understand that the “anti-haters” must have their way for the time being. In this age of spiritual dissolution and moral collapse, there is certainly no possibility of stopping, never mind reversing, the destruction and devastation that the “anti-haters” are wreaking. The best that a truly superior soul can do is to dissociate oneself as much as possible from the disastrous tendencies and trends of this modern world.

So let the “anti-haters” hate, I say. The nefarious results of their hateful campaigns are becoming increasingly obvious. Society is rapidly becoming more confused, more degenerate and more perverse. It is only a matter of time before the “anti-haters” succeed in utterly destroying the very structure of the civilization that they live in and that sustains them. But I wonder if the “anti-haters” will really be happy when they’ve succeeded in reducing the world to the most inferior level (as in the movie Idiocracy). Will they really be pleased when the entire world has become as base, vile, mean, ugly and profane as they are? Actually, given their pathological nature, I suppose they will be…