The 70th anniversary of the real holocaust of WWII was this past week. On February 14 and 15, 1945, the British and Americans practically annihilated the German city of Dresden. The city of Dresden at the time was full of German refugees fleeing from the eastern territories ahead of the advancing Soviet forces. They all knew about the demonic rapes and tortures that the Soviet forces were wont to commit.

One of the bombing raids inflicted on Dresden included incendiary materials which produced truly hellish firestorms. At least a quarter of a million defenseless men, women and children were slaughtered, most of them burned alive. And the beautiful city of Dresden was totally reduced to rubble.

Here are two good online articles on the Dresden holocaust:

There was no military objective whatsoever in the bombing of Dresden. The purpose was clearly to annihilate thousands of innocent human beings in a most horrible manner. According to a memo held by the RAF Air Historical Branch, Churchill admitted that this was his desire: “I do not want to receive any suggestions how we can destroy militarily important targets in Dresden’s hinterland, I want to get suggestions how we can fry 600,000 refugees from Breslau in Dresden.” And Dresden wasn’t the only German city to be targeted by this kind of brutally demonic assault.

The bombing of Dresden is well known by historians. But hardly anyone else has ever even heard of it. Yet, on the other hand, that totally absurd fiction called The Holocaust™ has been relentlessly drilled into the public consciousness by a continuous barrage of Jewish propaganda. Let me state it clearly: the Holocaust™ of the Jews simply did not happen. It is nothing but a big, fat lie.

So we have the situation where a real holocaust of German citizens is practically unknown, while a completely false Holocaust™ of Jews is common knowledge. Welcome to the world of the Jews, where falsehood rules and truth goes straight out the window.

Not only that, but laws have been passed in numerous countries in order to prevent people from questioning the Holocaust™. One could think that there must be something sacrilegious or blasphemous about raising any doubts concerning the Holocaust™, as if it was the central tenet of some religious faith. But really, why oh why do these people go to such great lengths to prevent people from asking questions about this one particular historical event?

And yet, many serious, honest and intelligent people have asked those questions, and have done their research, including Robert Faurisson, Ursula Haverbeck and Ernst Zundel. And these good people have found that there is no real evidence for the Holocaust at all. Nothing at all. Or rather, nothing but lies.

Most of the WWII concentration camps are in territories that were occupied by the Soviet forces by the end of WWII – territories that subsequently became Communist states under Soviet hegemony, including East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. All of the so-called “death camps” or “extermination camps” were in what is now Poland – a nation that had a deep historical grudge against Germany (which is why Poland was used to instigate WWII).

The reports we’ve been given about the alleged extermination of Jews in WWII come mostly from the infamous Soviet propaganda machine, which was largely run by Jews. Knowing what kind of people these were, and what they routinely practiced in terms of disinformation and deception, one really has to wonder how we’re actually supposed to believe anything they had to say about any German activities at all during WWII.

If everything you’ve been told about someone or something was told to you by a confirmed liar, you should have no reason whatsoever to believe any of it. This is very much the case with everything that we’ve been told about World War II, the Third Reich, the German National Socialists and Adolf Hitler.

Of course, I wouldn’t suggest that the British and the Americans were any more truthful than the Soviet Jews. It’s only that they didn’t produce quite as many lies, and that their lies were not quite so grandiose. But the British and Americans certainly did their part in spreading and imposing all of the lies that the Soviets came up with about the Germans in WWII, including the abominable Holocaust™ fiction.

By the way, have you ever been told that when you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you? I believe the multitude of accusations against Hitler and the Third Reich reflect back quite strongly upon the people who made them, and in the same way the horrifying frauds such as the elaborate fabrication called the Holocaust™ say quite a bit about the nature of the Jewish psyche. The Jewish tendency to employ psychological projection has always been obvious.

The person of Adolf Hitler has been particularly demonized by the acceptable authorities in the past seventy years, even to this very day. According to them, Adolf Hitler was a horrible monster. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Deviant and perverted souls may have feared him, and they’ve certainly done their best to demonize him, but Adolf Hitler was no monster.

Joseph Stalin, on the other hand, was indeed a monster, truly one of the most horrible monsters in all of history. The record of his atrocities and cruelties has been acknowledged even by Communists. And yet, this was the guy who was all buddy-buddy with Churchill and Roosevelt during WWII. One might have trouble understanding how this association could be. But then one wouldn’t have any idea that Churchill and Roosevelt were monstrous beings too (as evidenced by the quote from Churchill above). They just weren’t as blatant as their good buddy Stalin.

Adolf Hitler was a good, righteous, strong man – exactly the kind of man that a great nation like Germany needed to lead it back out of its Weimar-era nightmare, and exactly the kind of man that loathsome demons profoundly despise. Likewise, the National Socialist regime was just the thing to bring genuine order, harmony and prosperity back to the German Nation (not to mention cleaning up all the filth), which is why the loathsome demons hated it so much.

The truly righteous nature of Adolf Hitler and of National Socialism is one of the reasons why the Jews declared war against Germany in 1933, soon after Hitler came to power in Germany, and a full six years before WWII even started. Another very important reason was the fact that Hitler removed Germany from the grasp of the Jewish banking cartels (of course).

Some people try to play the compromise game with the whole issue of WWII, including not only conservative intellectuals, but even some “White Nationalist” intellectuals (!). These people would have us believe that both sides were equally evil. I don’t buy it. This is just a way of refusing to see that Adolf Hitler and National Socialism were the right side, and that those who did everything they could to not only destroy Hitler and the Third Reich, but even to utterly devastate Germany, were entirely in the wrong.

In effect, by playing the compromise game, one can continue to believe in all the lies that the wrong side has produced and imposed upon the world since the end of WWII. After all, it’s so much easier that way, and life is too short… And one can also continue to wax philosophically about everything that one considers to be wrong in the world and about all the (supposedly) right ideas that one has intellectually ascertained but without actually doing anything at all. Hitler actually did the right things, and that’s exactly why he’s always been hated by those in the wrong.

One last thing: I recently had a bit of an argument with a female relative about the official story of WWII, the Nazis, etc. Futile though it may have been, I just had to tell her that the official story about these things is a big pack of lies, especially the Holocaust™. This person is a very socialistic Christian, so she’s not interested in facts, or knowledge, or truth, or anything that requires real, actual thinking. She’s quite happy sticking to her “spirituality” (which is really nothing but glorified sentimentalism, as I’ve said in previous posts). This obviously means that she doesn’t really mind if everything she’s been told is a lie. And in this, she certainly is not exceptional at all.