In the days that are coming, there will be no reason whatsoever to remember the words of the intellectuals of this modern world. As this present cycle ends with the annihilation of this modern world, the memory of all of the big thoughts and big ideas of thinking men will completely vanish.

Once the ineluctable forces of Dissolution have finished with this modern world and have utterly terminated it, the only ones who will succeed are the ones who can prevail with muscles rather than brains; the ones who can fight, destroy and kill rather than think big thoughts, come up with big ideas and speak big words; the ones who know how to use fists, weapons and shields rather than grammar, logic and rhetoric.

The thinkers among us may still be respected by some in this modern world (although in ever-diminishing circles), but soon those thinkers will become absolutely useless and all of their thinking will be for naught. As this modern world finally begins its headlong collapse into utter devastation and complete destruction, then the Way of Force will fully reassert itself among human beings. The thinkers will become totally helpless, they will become easy targets, they will become prey, and they will become victims. When the time comes to kill or be killed, the thinking intellectual will undoubtedly fail to survive.

The beginning of the new cycle of existence will not be a time of peace, harmony and love (and whoever says that it will be so is a deceiver), but a time of chaos, devastation and anarchy. The increasing decadence and deterioration of modern humanity as this current cycle finally ends will ultimately result in the most barbaric, hellish and violent age imaginable. This must necessarily be the terrifying nature of the transition from this cycle to the next. And unfortunately, there will be no place at all for any intellectuals during this most horrible transition.