The word “myth” generally has a negative connotation in the modern world. It is generally taken to mean a falsehood that is commonly believed.

In the introduction (entitled “Epic and History”) to his book “King of the Celts”, Jean Markale explains that epic (i.e. myth) has at least as much positive value as factual history. I fully agree with Markale. Whereas factual history can only be the bare structure of history, myths usually represent the real meaning of history.

For example, the war between the Aesir and the Vanir mentioned in Norse myth most certainly represents truly historical conflicts between the indigenous Finnic peoples of Scandinavia (the Vanir) and the Germanic invaders (the Aesir) who began to migrate into Scandinavia from the south in late Neolithic times.

Sometimes, though, a myth can be false because it is based on a historical lie. The false myth is contrived to serve as a propaganda tool for some nefarious purpose. A good example of a false myth in modern times is the Global Warming myth. Another example of such a false myth is the supposed Exodus tale so cherished by the Jews and their “Christian” friends.

Everyone is supposed to believe that the poor little Hebrews were being mistreated by the big bad Egyptians in Egypt, and that all the poor little Hebrews wanted to do was to leave Egypt in order to go back to their supposed homeland. This to me is sheer nonsense.

Egypt was a great civilization that allowed groups of foreign workers to settle among its population to serve as part of the Egyptian labor force. Among the many foreign nationals working in Egypt were Libyans, Nubians and Canaanites. Closely connected to the Canaanites were a group of people called Hapiru by the Egyptians, and known to the Babylonians and Assyrians as Habiru.

The Habiru were a marginal group of robbers and plunderers who had a very bad reputation in the civilized states of the ancient Middle East. Modern scholars are generally reluctant to equate Habiru with Hebrew, but interestingly, the negative association of the Hebrews with robbing and plundering doesn’t seem to be the major argument. Instead, scholars seem content to protest only that the term “Hebrew” is not related to the term “Habiru”.

The term “Hebrew” is supposedly derived from the Hebrew root עבר (`br) meaning “to cross”. Yet, I don’t see why the “ayin” sound would be rendered as an “h” sound in Greek and Latin. I happen to believe that the true derivation of the term “Hebrew” is from the root חבר (ḫbr) meaning “to join together”. This would normally be the root of the term Habiru, and its meaning would be a likely concept for a group of marginal outcasts who have banded together in order to rob and plunder the goods of civilized societies. It also fits the Jews perfectly, especially in terms of their strong collective identity. To me, the identity of the terms Habiru and Hebrew is patently obvious (disregarding the probably modified Jewish forms with the initial “ayin”).

As with all groups of foreign workers throughout history, once in a while the foreign workers in ancient Egypt would become unruly. One way or another, the Egyptians would have to deal with such a problem. But if a group of foreign workers became too troublesome, the Egyptians would simply expel that group of foreign workers. Given the reputation of the Habiru, it’s quite likely that the Egyptians might have had quite a bit of trouble with them from time to time. (Contrast this with the situation in modern Western states, in which the mere possibility of properly dealing with the foreigner problem is simply not allowed – and in which the very problem is practically encouraged!)

The so-called Exodus was probably one particularly important instance of the Egyptians expelling a group of incorrigible foreign workers, namely the Habiru. In fact, the Greek term for what really occurred to the Hebrews when they left Egypt should be Εκβολη (Ekbolē) “Expulsion” rather than Εξοδος (Exodos) “Exit”.

Soon after their expulsion from Egypt, the Habiru began to terrorize Canaan. After all, terrorism was always a natural proclivity with the Habiru. Eventually, the sustained terrorist attacks of the fanatical Habiru on the Canaanite towns allowed them to gain control over a significant part of Canaan (that territory which corresponds to modern Palestine, and which is largely occupied by the Zionist State that falsely calls itself Israel).

Following their establishment in Canaan, the Habiru began to settle down somewhat due to the civilizing influences of the Canaanites. Eventually, the Habiru became the tribe of Judah (Hebrew root יחד (yḫd) “only, alone”, not יהד (yhd)). The Habiru tribe of Judah alone is exclusively at the origin of the Jews, who arrogantly claim to be the only Chosen People of God.

For a period of time, the Habiru tribe of Judah tried to dominate the confederation of Canaanite nations properly called Israel. This situation was soon ended when the Canaanites of Israel reasserted their sovereignty. Later, Israel was conquered by the Assyrians, and the Canaanites of Israel became the Samaritans. On the other hand, after the conquest of Judah by the Babylonians was achieved, even despite the “Babylonian Capitivity” of a certain portion of the Tribe of Judah, the Jews managed to retain their ethnic identity.

The survival of an ethnic group is normally a commendable thing, but the survival of a particularly problematic entity can’t properly be considered good. Of course, tenacity is a usual characteristic of certain types of undesirable vermin, such as rats, cockroaches, etc.

When the Jews started to create their Torah during the Persian period (beginning in the fifth century BC), one of the many false myths that they invented to justify themselves was the false myth of the Exodus. (It was decided at this time that the name of the Hebrews should be written with an initial “ayin” rather than an initial “heth”.)

The false myth of the Exodus served to whitewash the Hebrew past of the Jews and to make the Jews seem like the Chosen People that they pretended to be, and that they wished everyone to think they really were. This is why this particular false myth is so central to the Jewish religion. If the Jewish Passover is really about passing over something, it might well be about going from the clearly evil reality of their origins into a most arrogant and pretentious sanctimony. But however much the Jews might try to dissimulate their Habiru origins, their true essentially Habiru nature remains quite clear, especially in the Zionist State of Israel.

It is quite interesting, though, that the Jewish authors of the Torah deliberately chose to portray their Hebrew ancestors as poor, pathetic victims of persecution. Of course, this projected image of the Jew as a poor, pathetic victim of persecution is a constant theme throughout all of Jewish history, and has often served the Jews handsomely in deceptively gaining an advantage over bleeding hearts (especially Christians).

By saying that the Jews have cultivated an image of being victims of persecution, I do imply that the Jews have invited the many persecutions that have been inflicted upon them. The twisted Jewish mind actually believes that Jews are vindicated simply by virtue of being persecuted by big, bad Gentiles.

By the way, this masochistic Jewish persecution complex is very much at the root of our modern dogmas of multiculturalism and egalitarianism – via the Christian religion, of course.

If persecution is considered beneficial by the Jews, then the notion of genocide must naturally be considered even more beneficial by the Jews. If someone really wants to receive special treatment for some reason without necessarily being entitled to it, all they have to do is scream bloody murder and convince people that it’s true.

The elaborate fabrication which is featured in the Jewish Exodus tale is by no means the only instance of an elaborately fabricated Jewish myth. The most important false myth foisted upon the world by the Jews in modern times is the alleged Holocaust®. Thanks to the sacrosanct narrative of the enormous false myth called the Holocaust® (which it is illegal to question in some countries), the Jews have been granted an unquestioned carte-blanche over the entire world.

Like the Ancient Egyptians, the authorities of the Third Reich wanted to expel, not exterminate, all of the Jews from their territories. Unfortunately, the circumstances of World War II made this expulsion impractical, so the Jews were eventually interned in labor camps instead. But well before the Second World War had even started, as soon as the Jewish leaders had begun to feel disadvantaged by the anti-Jewish actions of the Third Reich authorities after 1933, they had already begun to concoct the outrageous fiction that would eventually become the full-blown false myth of the Holocaust®.

The false myth of the Holocaust® is clearly the foremost instance of the Jews using their poor, pathetic victim of persecution shtick to maximum effect in order to counter the righteous aims of the German Third Reich, and to get whatever they want from gullible Christian goyim.

Of course, the Jews have tried to prohibit people from openly questioning the Holocaust® precisely because it is an enormous falsehood, and if people ever knew the truth about the alleged Holocaust® the Jews would lose all of the ill-gotten gains that they have acquired to this day.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Jewish complicity in the tragedy of September 11, 2001 (along with their Zionist American friends, of course). The absurd farce of Osama bin Laden masterminding these attacks on America is yet another false myth courtesy of the Jews, this particular one being for the purpose of using the contrived “War on Terrorism” towards the subjugation of the world by the Zionist powers.

The expulsion of the Habiru by Ancient Egypt may be the first time in history that this particular ethnic group was expelled from a great country. The attempt by the Third Reich to expel the Jews from its territory was the last time that the expulsion of this particular ethnic group was ever considered by a great country.

In between these two instances were many other expulsions and persecutions. The persecutions of the Christians by the Romans up to the third century CE should not be separated from the persecutions of the Jews because the early Christians were manifestly a Jewish sect – a particularly subversive Jewish sect in that it enlisted Gentiles in the service of Jewish ideals.

In the year 1290 CE, the English king Edward I expelled the Jews from England. Unfortunately, the usurper Oliver Cromwell overturned this decision in 1656, encouraging the Jews to infest England with a vengeance. The Jews were expelled from France three times in the Middle Ages – in 1182, 1306 and 1394. The first two expulsions were overturned in 1198 and 1315, but the expulsion of 1394 remained in force until the French Revolution.

During the complete overthrow of France which was the French Revolution, the Revolutionaries enthusiastically encouraged the Jews to return to France, and Napoléon did everything he could to impose the “emancipation” of Jews on the territories he occupied. From this time on, the Jews received more and more freedom to infiltrate and to infest the increasingly liberal and democratic European countries.

At this point in time, following so many decades after World War II of complete laissez-faire with respect to the Jews, we have gone far beyond the possibility of expulsion as a solution to the Jewish problem. There is no longer any possibility of expelling a group that has infiltrated its hosts so completely, and which has become so entrenched in the society of the modern world. The infestation is nearly total. The disease has become thoroughly pervasive.