The Charlie Hebdo shootings that (supposedly) occurred a few weeks ago in Paris brought the question of freedom of expression under discussion. Some insisted that there must be some limit to freedom of expression, particularly when it offends the religious sensibilities of the faithful (whatever their religion). But of course, most people asserted that there must not be any limits at all to freedom of expression in a modern democracy.

In fact, many claimed that unlimited freedom of expression is a crucial element in a modern democracy, and that modern democracy could not even exist without unlimited freedom of expression. I think these people are correct: a modern democracy must have unlimited freedom of expression because the very raison-d’être of a modern democracy is to gradually allow (if not encourage) every conceivable form of perversion, depravity and deviance, and unlimited freedom of expression is obviously necessary for the steady progress of such evils in modern democratic society.

Unlimited freedom of expression clears the way for the spread of all social ills, evils and wrongs chiefly by attacking everything which represents any kind of genuine decency, virtue and righteousness, especially traditional religion. Publications like Charlie Hebdo will attack both Islam and Catholicism with equal fervor because these are the two foremost religions in history, and are thus the most important representatives (at least historically) of the traditional morals and virtues that all hedonistic libertines profoundly despise. And other religions as well as governments are also targets inasmuch as they offend the perverse and deviant sensibilities of twisted and demented people.

What publications like Charlie Hebdo indulge in is not merely free expression. It is in fact blasphemy. Blasphemy, which is expressing oneself in opposition to any righteous religious teaching, is one of those concepts that most people don’t recognize anymore. But once upon a time, when there was still good sense in society, blasphemy was acknowledged by almost everyone as a serious evil because it signified a clear and direct attack against traditional morals and virtues. Unfortunately, good sense in modern society has become increasingly rare, and most people don’t seem to care much about anyone attacking traditional morals and virtues.

The freedom that fanatical publications like Charlie Hebdo really want is freedom of blasphemy, not just freedom of expression. The sick and depraved liberal extremists who produce such publications really want to be able to attack everything that represents true goodness and true righteousness. And the authorities who rule this world are obviously more than pleased to grant them this freedom because it suits their evil purposes (as I’ve amply explained in previous posts).