The concept of equality, a concept deeply rooted in Christian thought, has become one of the dominant concepts in modern society. This is largely due to its systematic imposition upon society in the past two centuries, particularly since the French Revolution (“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”). But this concept of equality is squarely against the way of the Natural Universe and completely disregards the true reality of the human condition, and is therefore fundamentally erroneous and even wrongful.

Everything in the Natural Universe is relatively more or less than other things in some way, with some things being midway between the most and the least. Everything may therefore be divided according to any criterion into three relative groups: the inferior, the average and the superior. Nature has no regard whatsoever for the concept of equality. That which is more in Nature normally prevails over that which is less, the only exceptions being creatures that we call parasites and viruses, which employ methods which in human society are called deception and treachery.

[One might point out that the mighty mountains are eventually washed away by small rain drops. But one must understand that the amount of water that falls on a mountain in the form of rain in a million years is many times the amount of water in all of the world’s oceans.]

No matter how much people might wish to believe differently, human beings will always be composed of these three relative groups. This means that there will always be inferior, average and superior people, according to any criterion. Unless of course humanity is completely leveled somehow, so that all differences in terms of superiority and inferiority are eliminated. This, by the way, is the meaning of the (unnatural) religious image of flattening mountains and filling valleys, so that the earth’s surface becomes a uniform plain (Isaiah 40:4 & Luke 3:5, (Greater) Bundahishn 34.33). There are undoubtedly many people in this world who wish that all human beings were exactly the same in every respect, and who believe that the world would be a perfect utopia if this were the case.

Aristotle is considered to be a Father of Western thought. Aristotle was not a proponent of the concept of equality, nor was he in favor of democracy. One of Aristotle’s concepts was that of distributive justice. To Aristotle, there is justice only if one receives in proportion to one’s merit. In Aristotle’s view, an inferior person being treated on a par with a superior person was naturally an injustice. The concept of distributive justice stands in stark contrast to the concept of equality according to which the same rewards are attributed to incompetent people as to competent people, and in some cases even favors the incompetent over the competent, particularly in order to satisfy some affirmative action quota.

Cui Bono?

No one can ever want something unless he thinks that it can benefit him in some way. Everyone is attracted to something that might be good for him. This is natural and normal. So who stands to gain from the concept of equality?

Ordinarily, average people should not be too concerned with the concept of equality, given that they can’t truly benefit from it. But the prevalence of this concept in modern times has made it socially imperative. This explains why average people are generally in favor of the concept of equality, even despite the fact that it often causes inferior people to be favored over average people.

Superior people should normally be opposed to the concept of equality, because the imposition of this concept can only be detrimental to them. So that all can truly be equal, no one can be allowed to be truly excellent. (I mean true excellence as opposed to false or deceptive so-called “excellence”, as is often seen in the modern world.) In fact, those who are truly excellent must effectively be disabled, if not eliminated, by the proponents of the concept of equality. But many superior people have been thoroughly infected with the concept of equality, so that they refuse to acknowledge their truly superior nature, or are even unable to recognize their true superiority. This is very much a legacy of Judaeo-Christian thinking, and it is a horrid shame.

Obviously, the ones who stand to gain from the concept of equality are inferior people. Those people who are physically inferior, mentally inferior or morally inferior, or any combination of these, undoubtedly benefit from the imposition of the concept of equality.

The concept of equality benefits the stupid, the diseased, the lazy, the weak, the perverse and the corrupt. To put it simply, the concept of equality is beneficial to all of the less desirable elements of human society. It seems to me that it can hardly be considered sane to believe that favoring the less desirable elements of society is a good thing for society.

In some respects, the concept of equality produces an obsession to elevate the inferior through any means, or at least to make the inferior seem more elevated than it truly is. The elevation of the inferior usually requires either a certain amount of forcefulness or a major dose of deception, and the result is always a falsely obtained condition that must be artificially sustained. The aforementioned affirmative action idea is all about making inferior people seem better than they really are, to the detriment of superior people. This is an idea that can’t really work no matter how much people obsessively insist on making it work.

The foremost proponents of the concept of equality are the Jews. The Jews are undoubtedly the ones who stand to gain the most from the concept of equality because it can satisfy the delusions of grandeur of the Jewish race. The Jewish superiority complex is quite obvious to anyone who has truly understood the mind of the Jew, especially as it is revealed in the Jewish scriptures, most especially in the Talmud. The Jews actually believe that they should be considered superior to all other peoples. This is why they refer to themselves as the Chosen People, an assertion that reeks of arrogance and pretence.

In fact, the Jews are in no way superior to any other people, except if one counts the questionable arts of deception and treachery. The Jews have no ability to do anything for themselves. All that they can do is to usurp and steal what others have done. In this way, the Jews are very much like the parasites and vermin of the Natural World. Truly, if being parasitic is a good thing, the Jews are undoubtedly the best.

The reason the Jews push the concept of equality so much is that it allows them to make themselves seem superior by undermining those who truly are superior. Only by treacherously preventing those who are truly superior from achieving their potential can the Jews succeed in artificially elevating themselves to a seemingly superior position. And the only way the Jews can prevent those who are truly superior from achieving their potential is by adversely affecting their minds. The art of perverting and corrupting minds is one of the greatest strengths of the Jews, which is why the Jews are so grossly overrepresented in the modern entertainment industry and news media (among other things). By adversely affecting the minds of those who are truly superior, the Jews have effectively disabled those who are truly superior, which has given them the opportunity to usurp what they do not truly deserve.

People who oppose the concept of equality in this modern world tend to be White Nationalists. The reason for this is obvious. White Nationalists find the concept of equality to be strongly offensive because White Nationalists are aware of their truly superior nature. These are the people who have managed to reject the many ways in which the Jews can pervert and corrupt minds, and have dared to embrace the superior ideals of the truly superior people that they are. These truly superior people refuse to be subjected to the concept of equality, because they know that it is wrong, at least as far as they are concerned. Even if it was to benefit everyone else, it would still be something that they can never, and should never, accept.

Of course, the White Nationalists are a very small minority compared to the masses who accept the concept of equality. And there doesn’t seem to be any hope of this nefarious concept disappearing any time soon. But it is very much a part of the way things are going in this age. During the past couple of centuries, since that horrid catastrophe called the French Revolution, truly enlightened people have properly understood what has been happening in the world. Nearly a century ago, Lothrop Stoddard (The Revolt Against Civilization – The Menace of the Under-Man) could already see that the inferior masses would be urged to rise up against the proper natural order of things and to progressively undermine and debase civilization through “Bolshevism” (i.e. Marxism/Communism).

In the past century, Traditionalist thinkers like René Guénon (The Crisis of the Modern World, The Reign of Quantity & the Signs of the Times) and Julius Evola (Revolt Against the Modern World, Men Among the Ruins) clearly observed that decadence, deterioration and dissolution are the prevailing trends of this age, and they came to understand that these trends would only increase until the end of this age, no matter what anyone did. The concept of equality, along with other modern ideals such as multiculturalism, democracy and humanitarianism, will undoubtedly continue to contribute to the increasing decadence, deterioration and dissolution of this age until its very end.