I have no esteem for violent Islamic extremists. But neither do I have any esteem whatsoever for hideous leftist extremists. It doesn’t sadden me one bit that a bunch of arrogant and hateful leftist extremists were exterminated. And if the extermination was carried out by Islamic extremists, that doesn’t matter to me at all.

The vile people who produce those cartoons for Charlie Hebdo are squarely opposed to everything Traditional. For such truly ignorant people, genuine Traditional spirituality is a matter of scorn and ridicule. Their mission is to attack everything that represents a truly good and truly right way of life. These people are anti-Traditional to a revolting degree.

No one should ever have the right to offend and to insult the Traditional beliefs and ways of others with impunity. But in this increasingly perverse and degenerate modern world, it is somehow considered acceptable to do this.

Yet at the same time it is somehow considered to be the greatest of evils when anyone dares to speak out against the thoroughly anti-Traditional views of maniacal leftist extremists. This obviously reveals the truly anti-Traditional nature of the thoroughly liberalized modern world.

In a liberal democratic society, the ultimate ideal is to remove all restrictions as much as possible. This obviously must apply to freedom of expression. The famous misquote attributed to Voltaire – “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – is held up as a shining beacon of liberal freedom.

The problem with such practically unlimited freedom of expression is that the question of preserving and defending morality, decency and righteousness in society goes straight out the window. Most people apparently believe that unlimited freedom of expression doesn’t threaten society; yet, the signs of society’s slow but steady moral and ethical decline could hardly be more obvious, and unlimited freedom of expression plays a foremost role in this decline.

It’s amazing how much people can fail to see what is before their very eyes, or to understand it properly, when they have been completely brainwashed by leftist liberal propaganda. Then again, more and more people are obviously in favor of such things as decadence and perversion, even if they generally don’t participate in it, so for them unlimited freedom of expression can only be a blessing rather than a threat.

The most unfortunate aspect of the shootings at Charlie Hebdo in Paris this week was the fact that it will only serve to encourage even more liberal fanaticism. In the wake of the “martyrdom” of these utterly detestable cultural Marxists (whom President Hollande absurdly called “heroes”), the people will become even more inclined to accept, and even support, the expression of anti-religious, anti-spiritual and anti-Traditional views.

The public outpouring of sentiment over the deaths of hateful leftist fanatics is a clear indication that the people have been effectively reprogrammed by the leftist propaganda of cultural Marxism. If society still had good morals and righteous views, the hateful leftist fanatics of Charlie Hebdo would never have gotten anywhere with their hideous filth.

There is of course no possibility whatsoever of Charlie Hebdo closing down. Quite the opposite, in fact. Charlie Hebdo will be printing one million copies of its next edition, compared to a usual 50,000, and it is expected that it will sell out.

With the support of governments, institutions and corporations like Google (which has given $300,000 to Charlie Hebdo), Charlie Hebdo is about to become a much, much more important tool of anti-Traditional leftist propaganda than it ever could have been before the shootings.

You want to foster the growth of a movement? Create martyrs. This was the case with Christianity in the first centuries AD, while it was still basically a subversive group of fanatics. The more Christians were persecuted and killed, the more their movement grew.

Such evil consequences of the shootings were definitely not unforeseen, which leads me to believe that those who suspect Mossad involvement are probably correct.

It seems to me that the demonic campaign against all things Traditional just got kicked up a notch.