Some time ago, I posted something called “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. In that post, I defined three groups of human beings.

The Ugly are the common, average people, i.e. the Masses, which I call the 98%. The Masses are not inherently predisposed to spirituality. They tend to believe that material and sentimental concerns are all that life is truly about. And in this, they aren’t mistaken, because life does consist only of material and sentimental concerns. Yet, the Masses are not incapable of recognizing that which is higher than the material and sentimental, and thus of receiving spirituality, at least to some degree.

The Good, which are the Good 1%, are different from the Masses. They are not common or average. They are in fact, at least potentially, essentially higher beings, and this is due to the fact that they are inherently predisposed to spirituality. For the Good, there is an innate knowledge that there is something more to existence than the material and sentimental concerns of life. Indeed, the Good need something which is above and beyond life, and that something is provided by Tradition.

Some of the Good have had the good fortune of being born and raised in conditions that at least allowed, if not encouraged, their apprehension of the rudiments of Tradition. In such cases, the fortunate ones were usually born into rich, conservative families. But for others of the Good, fortune has been less kind. They were born and raised in conditions that did not favor, and often obstructed, their apprehension of the rudiments of Tradition. They therefore have been largely unable to really be the Good that they potentially are. And it is to be expected that the number of the latter unfortunate and largely unrealized Good has grown considerably with respect to the number of the former fortunate Good over the past two centuries or so, especially in the last half-century or so.

As for the Bad, which are the Bad 1%, these are also different from the Masses. Like the Good, they are neither common nor average. But unlike the Good, the Bad are inherently predisposed against spirituality. The Masses are not inherently inclined to that which is spiritually higher, but the Bad are essentially opposed to that which is spiritually higher. They fundamentally despise that which is spiritually higher. Therefore their “unholy” mission is to ultimately eradicate spirituality altogether, and this is effectively accomplished by the elimination of Tradition. In order to replace genuine spirituality, they foster every conceivable type of false spirituality, which is really just glorified sentimentality.

One of the many anti-Traditional doctrines that have proliferated in this modern liberal world is the doctrine of equality. Like all other anti-Traditional doctrines, such as feminism and multiculturalism, the doctrine of equality has been progressively imposed in order to undermine, attack and destroy spirituality.

The modern liberal democratic doctrine of equality is not really meant to elevate the Masses. This is effectively impossible (and the Bad know this): no matter how the Masses might be artificially propped up, they can never truly rise above the level of the Masses in a truly spiritual manner. At best, their material and sentimental conditions might be improved. Of course, to the modern liberal democratic mind, improvement of material and sentimental conditions is the only important thing in life.

In fact, the doctrine of equality is meant to reduce the Good to the level of the Masses, rather than elevating the Masses. In order to effectively impose the doctrine of equality, and thus to reduce the Good to the level of the Masses, it has been necessary to annihilate Tradition. (It should be noted that, no matter how much the Bad may voice support for the doctrine of equality, they obviously don’t believe that it really applies to them.) For this reason, the Bad have consistently endeavored, at least since the French Revolution, to do everything possible to attack and to destroy Tradition. Marxism, especially in the form of Communism, has played a big part in the concerted effort to destroy Tradition.

The Bad understand that if they succeed in destroying Tradition, they effectively eliminate spirituality, therefore effectively disabling the Good. This is an ongoing process, and so far, the Bad have enjoyed constant success. For the time being, it does seem that the Good must only lose.

The unspiritual Masses may well believe that spirituality is unnecessary, especially if they follow the progressive teachings of the anti-spiritual Bad. Certainly, the Masses themselves have no need for Tradition itself. But what the Masses fail to understand is that a civilization that is de-spiritualized must gradually go wrong in every possible way. This is in fact the desire of the Bad because it suits their ultimate purpose.

A good civilization is the result of spirituality, and must thus be founded on Tradition. Those who build up good civilizations are members of the Good – spiritual people who understand spirituality. Only the Good are capable of receiving spirituality from above through Tradition, and only they can imbue civilization with the spirituality that will maintain it as a good civilization. (The popular opinion that civilizations are produced by the people in general is really just an absurd delusion.)

De-spiritualizing a civilization ensures its gradual transformation into a bad civilization, because a good civilization can not be maintained without spirituality. With a loss of spirituality, a civilization can only lose itself in material and sentimental concerns, and the result is increasing confusion, disorder and decadence. The Good understand this, which is why they view the ongoing de-spiritualization of civilization with much concern as well as considerable disgust.

Of course, the Bad have solutions to the problem of increasing confusion, disorder and decadence, but their solutions are all anti-spiritual solutions. The solutions that they are gradually imposing all involve a progressive loss of independence through various things such as laws, militarized police, financial tactics, educational institutions, surveillance programs, social engineering and artificial substances. Their anti-spiritual solutions to the problem are all part of the plan to turn our once-good civilization into a bad civilization – a civilization in which the Masses have been completely subjugated and enslaved, i.e. the New World Order.

As I’ve said before, the New World Order won’t last forever. The Bad may indeed be the winners for now, but this is only because we are in fact in the latter stage of the Age of Evil (Kali Yuga). The Bad will ultimately suffer their demise, and their evil civilization will ultimately perish. And no matter how much they try, the Bad will never be able to completely extinguish Tradition altogether because Tradition comes from above. When this evil age finally ends, the Bad will certainly fall and their evil civilization will be utterly terminated. Upon the end of this evil age, Tradition will be restored, and the Good will rise again.


When I was working on this piece, I at first wrote about the danger of the demise of civilization through confusion, disorder and decadence. Then I realized that the Bad had it all figured out – that they would use the confusion, disorder and decadence to transform civilization from a good one to a bad one, rather than letting it perish.

At length, I realized that every time a movie of an apocalyptic nature is released about the end of civilization, replete with themes of anarchy, chaos and violence, what the Bad are essentially saying is: “Look, people! This is what could happen! Unless of course you go along with what we’re doing.”