On September 11, 2001, the greatest false flag operation in all of human history was carried out. Three skyscrapers in Manhattan were demolished after two of them were hit by airplanes. Some kind of explosion destroyed a particular section of the Pentagon. And there was some kind of occurrence in Pennsylvania.

The spectacular events of 9-11 made a lot of things possible for the rulers of this world. Under the deceptive cover of the so-called “War on Terror”, a long list of initiatives were carried out, including the Patriotic Act, Homeland Security, the TSA, the conquest of Iraq, the conquest of Afghanistan, the conquest of Libya, etc. etc. etc.

Thanks to 9-11, the rulers of this world were able to bring their game-plan to a whole new level. But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and the effects of 9-11 have waned considerably in the past thirteen years.

The rulers of this world are still diligently trying to carry out their plans towards their objectives – with much help from CIA-organized revolutions as well as their terrorist puppets like Hamas and ISIS. They’ve managed to take Ukraine, but they seem to be having trouble getting rid of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and Iran is still an unsolved problem.

The two apparent opponents of the rulers of this world, the Russians and the Chinese, don’t seem to be too concerned about all of the American posturing and threats. Soon enough, the rulers of this world will need something to really get the ball rolling.

In order to finally usher in the final stage of their big game, they’re going to need something really, really big – something far, far bigger than 9-11. They’re going to need World War Three.

WWI and WWII allowed the rulers of this world to set the stage for things that they wanted to achieve in the first half of the twentieth century, including the League of Nations then the United Nations, the worldwide spread of Communism, as well as NATO, the IMF, etc.

WWIII will allow the rulers of this world to finish their job: to fully implement the New World Order.

Sooner or later, WWIII has to happen simply because the rulers of this world need it to happen. I understand this, so I have no reason to believe that WWIII can be avoided. Therefore, I see no reason to be afraid or anxious.

In fact, I even look forward to WWIII finally happening. At least it will mean that we’re that much closer to the end of this horrendously tragic play. The New World Order has to happen, but it won’t last forever. So let it happen sooner rather than later, which necessarily means let WWIII happen sooner rather than later.

Of course, what really sucks about this is that WWIII will by no means lead to things getting better. In fact, WWIII will mean that the worst possible will finally come to be. As it is now, things have steadily been getting worse and worse and worse and worse. But after WWIII, the worst possible will finally be within the realm of reality, and it is undoubtedly going to happen. There certainly isn’t anything anyone can do about it.


Then again, I could be mistaken. It could be incorrect to say that WWIII is necessary. In fact, it may not be necessary at all.

The Russians and the Chinese may not really be opponents of the rulers of this world, as I insinuated above (“apparent opponents”). It could very well be that the Russians and the Chinese are working towards the same aim as the rulers of this world (viz. the New World Order), but from the other side. Control both sides and you control the outcome. Basic Hegelian dialectics.

(Remember that Texas ranch summit between Putin and Bush shortly after 9-11, when Putin and Bush seemed like best pals and bosom buddies? What was really decided during that summit?)

If this is in fact the case, and to me it doesn’t seem unlikely at all, there will be no need for WWIII. Only the threat of WWIII will suffice to keep moving things in the direction that the rulers of this world want them to go. As long as there’s a threat of WWIII, the people can be led to accept pretty much anything.

After all, if WWIII actually did happen, it could well mean the significant use of nuclear weapons. Although I wouldn’t exactly put it past them, I doubt that the rulers of this world would really want to allow that much devastation. But perhaps I’m underestimating the capacity, or the propensity, of the rulers of this world for inflicting devastation on the world.

In any case, even if WWIII doesn’t happen, the condition of humanity will still only continue to worsen and worsen and worsen, and the full-blown New World Order will still come about just the same, sooner or later. We are undoubtedly entering the last and worst phase of the Kali Yuga, and this must mean that humanity’s worst hour is nearly at hand.