Two of the women that I have had to work with over the past few years are clearly atheistic anti-Christian feminists. It’s a shame that they’re both older ladies: they would have been excellent Femen activists! I have had many occasions to witness their virulently anti-Christian attitudes during my time working with them.

One such occasion today prompted me to consider the nature of anti-Christian views. I soon realized that it is not really Christianity per se that anti-Christians despise so much, and that no-one can be strictly anti-Christian.

In fact, any atheistic person who is anti-Christian must also be fundamentally anti-Muslim, anti-Hindu, etc. In short, an atheistic anti-Christian will always be – whether he or she admits it or not – opposed to all genuinely Traditional religions. An atheistic anti-Christian must necessarily always be anti-Tradition.

(Of course, Christian fundamentalists can be anti-Islam, and Islamic fundamentalists can be anti-Christian, and it can be argued that such fundamentalists are not necessarily anti-Tradition, but rather extremely particularistic. And yet, one who vehemently refuses to acknowledge Tradition in another religion can’t exactly be called pro-Tradition.)

If an atheistic person is anti-Christian, it is the religious Tradition (or spiritual Tradition) that Christianity represents which they find so offensive. If such a person is not particularly anti-Islam or anti-Hindu, it is because the religious background of that person is Christian. In their hateful and twisted minds, it is Christianity specifically which poses the threat to them.

Such a person is revolting particularly against the individual religion that represents Tradition in his or her direct experience. It is the same with atheistic people from Islamic backgrounds who become anti-Islam, or atheistic people from Hindu backgrounds who become anti-Hindu. They are all fundamentally anti-Tradition, but they target those specific religions that they have direct experiences with.

It is interesting to note that anti-Christian views are still quite in fashion even despite the fact that the Christian churches have done much to abandon, and even to reject, Tradition. It seems that no matter how much they try to make themselves presentable to the anti-Traditionalists, they are still viewed by some as representing a religious Tradition, and are thus despised and attacked.

But the time is surely coming when a global religion will arise to replace all Traditional religions. This will be the atheistic religion of anti-Tradition that René Guénon predicted, a religion fundamentally anti-spiritual in nature, a truly demonic religion. This will be the religion that the Christians (from their distinctly Christian point of view) have called the Church of the Anti-Christ.

The coming atheistic religion of anti-Tradition will completely replace and/or incorporate all Traditional religions, and it will do its utmost to completely extinguish genuine Tradition from the world. But even if it succeeds in eliminating Tradition from the world, it can never extinguish Tradition altogether because Tradition comes from above.

When this evil age finally ends, the atheistic religion of anti-Tradition will cease to exist, and Tradition will be fully restored. That time may still be quite far off, but it will come. In the end, Tradition will prevail. And there’s nothing that atheistic anti-Christian feminists can do about that.