The Devil loves stupid people, because he can easily use the emotions of stupid people to lead them astray, to deceive them, and even to sic them against the people that he wants to destroy, especially those who are spiritually intelligent.

Whether it is sorrow, or anger, or even love, it makes no difference to the Devil. The Devil can use any emotion to lead a stupid person to do his bidding. As long as a person is stupid, the Devil can easily lead that person into every conceivable type of error simply by manipulating his/her emotions.

In this modern world, it is obvious that many stupid people are misled in manifold ways through the bad emotions, such as hate, anger, sorrow and anxiety. What is not so obvious is that the Devil equally misleads stupid people through their good emotions, such as love and joy.

While stupid people nowadays are wholeheartedly engaged in a full-out war against the bad emotions, they are at the same time completely oblivious to the fact that the Devil is fully enjoying the use of their good emotions for his nefariousĀ purposes.

The current precipitous decline of human society, characterized by steadily increasing confusion, disorder, perversion and decadence, is due not so much to the effects of bad sentiments, but so much more to the effects of misguided good sentiments.

As I said in a previous post, the Devil laughs. There certainly is no shortage of stupid people in this modern world who are ready, willing and able to serve him by allowing him to misuse their emotions, and love is certainly not the least of these.