The complete human being is composed of three elements: the physical (or material), the sentimental (or emotional) and the spiritual. The first two are inherent to the human being, as they are also to all animals. It is the third element – the spiritual – which properly defines the complete human being, thus differentiating the complete human being from the animals. 

The physical is below. The sentimental rises up from the physical, i.e. from below. But the spiritual is from above. 

In a properly spiritual state, the rulers are deeply imbued with the spirituality which they have received from above. Their spiritual influence spreads down throughout society. This fosters the development of the complete human being with a well-developed spirituality. 

Such a spiritually imbued state is characterized by higher values such as order, morality, righteousness, and virtue. 

In an unspiritual state, the rulers have little if any spirituality. Being ignorant of spirituality, they can’t transmit spirituality downwards throughout society, and spirituality in society is consequently lacking.

Such a spiritually deficient society is focused only on sentimental and physical concerns, and is therefore characterized by baseness, primitiveness and mediocrity. 

A democratic state, the basic idea of which is that power comes from the people, is an inherently unspiritual state. The people do not have the capacity to receive genuine spirituality from above, and even if they did, they certainly would not be able to spread it upwards to their unspiritual rulers.

At best, the people can only retain any spirituality that they may have received in the past, but this will gradually decrease with time as their spirituality effectively dissipates. As spirituality decreases, false and deceptive forms of spirituality are increasingly produced, these really being expressions of sentimentality.

Rather than being imbued with spirituality from above, a democratic state is progressively imbued with sentimentality from below and is correspondingly obsessed with the physical i.e. materialism.

In recent times, rulers have become increasingly anti-spiritual, rather than just unspiritual. Instead of simply ignoring spirituality, these anti-spiritual rulers do everything they can to actively oppose the spirituality which is from above, while also doing everything they can to encourage the sentimental concerns (especially through false spirituality) and material concerns which come from below.

Such a state in which anti-spirituality rules is increasingly characterized by decadence, perversion and evil. Most Western states are clearly anti-spiritual states.