Civilization was created by greater men, and civilization can only be properly maintained by greater men. These statements fly in the face of the modern liberal democratic notion of equality, but they are nonetheless true.

Traditional societies properly recognized the creators and maintainers of civilization as belonging in a distinct social class. This distinct social class is traditionally called the priestly or intellectual class, but it is more generally the class of all types of intelligent thinking men, including not only priests and philosophers, but also scientists and engineers. With the dissolution of Tradition, this class has essentially disappeared as a distinct class, although those who would properly belong to it have always continued to exist.

In the modern liberal democratic world, the creation and maintenance of civilization has been continued, although it has been subjected to the materialistic and economic interests of the bourgeois élites who have usurped power over this world. Civilization did not terminate itself as Tradition was eliminated because the bourgeois élites were able to co-opt the creators and maintainers of civilization for their purposes. The priests, philosophers, scientists and engineers of this modern world obviously continue to create and maintain civilization, but in doing so they clearly serve the interests of the bourgeois élites. So in terms of material and economic considerations, civilization has thrived like never before during the modern liberal democratic period, although it has consistently become more and more degenerate in other respects such as spirituality and culture.

At least the bourgeois élites have had enough reason along with their deceitful cunning to realize that they simply don’t have what it takes to create and maintain civilization themselves. But the erroneous doctrine of equality has certainly taken its toll on the level of competence of those who create and maintain civilization. We are seeing the beginning of a decline in the standards of the creators and maintainers of civilization. Who hasn’t heard about some modern construction project that incorporated seriously flawed designs? And this certainly isn’t true only in the construction industry…

As the forces of decadence and dissolution increasingly ravage this modern world, we are rapidly nearing a time when the bourgeois élites who rule this world will finally be overthrown by the masses. This will mean the beginning of the end of civilization altogether. When the masses succeed in eliminating the bourgeois élites who rule this world, not only will the bourgeois élites disappear, but the creators and maintainers of civilization who have been employed by the bourgeois élites will also disappear. Although men may still call themselves priests, philosophers, scientists and engineers under the rule of the masses, they will be completely devoid of any significant qualification to these titles.

It should be clear enough to anyone who truly understands these things that the imminent rule of the masses can only mean the total collapse and termination of civilization. One would be mistaken to believe that the masses would have enough wisdom and understanding to properly be able to acknowledge the creators and maintainers of civilization as they are. This would be rendered impossible by the doctrine of equality that the masses love so much, as well as the environment of total anarchy that the rule of the masses will undoubtedly engender. And no one in their right mind should expect that the masses will be able to take the place of the creators and maintainers of civilization, and to continue civilization. One has to be a moron to believe that a world of morons could keep civilization going…

The rule of the masses will undoubtedly mean the gradual breakdown of civilization. Without anyone competent enough to properly maintain the systems and structures of civilization, a slow and painful demise of civilization will inevitably happen. During the demise of civilization, every conceivable type of calamity and catastrophe will occur on a regular basis. Nothing will be able to avert the woes and horrors that will accompany the terminal throes of civilization’s demise.