The following is a dream I truly had as a boy. I was somewhere between 5 and 12 years of age, probably closer to the higher number. It was a bad dream – I guess I should call it a nightmare.

Everything was dark, as if it was nighttime. I could sense that I was hovering above the surface of the earth. I could see a gigantic ice sheet that seemed to be floating on the dark ocean. The gigantic ice sheet was in the shape of North America. It seemed to float calmly on the surface of the dark ocean.

Then some enormous killer whales appeared with their distinctive white and black patterns. The killer whales swam beneath the gigantic ice sheet that was shaped like North America. Then they started to ram up against the underside of the ice sheet. Again and again they violently struck the ice sheet from underneath.

Before long, the ice sheet started to crack. As the killer whales kept ramming up against it, the ice sheet began to break up. Eventually, the ice sheet had been broken up into many pieces. The killer whales swam away. The many pieces of the ice sheet were bobbing in the disturbed water of the dark ocean.

This was the dream I had as I remember it. I woke up terrified from it. I truly felt a sense of very great disaster for a very large number of people. What the dream signifies may not be precisely clear – it could be variously interpreted. But I do think that whatever it is that the dream signifies is not far off now. And it definitely isn’t anything pleasant…