Different people aim for different kinds of success. For the professional sports competitor, success means winning the game. For the farmer, success means growing a good crop. For the artist, success means producing a beautiful piece of art.

As well as different kinds of success, there are different levels of success. Despite the “equality” delusion, someone who is highly proficient in any given field will have a higher level of success than others. Different levels of development are also a factor. A Neolithic farmer considered it a success if he could feed his family, whereas a modern farmer has to grow many times the amount of food that it would take to feed his family in order to consider his efforts to be successful.

Sometimes, the ideal of success becomes obsessive. When the desire to succeed turns into an obsession, one’s level of success becomes excessive. A farmer who wants to grow a crop bigger than all other crops in his community combined has adopted an excessive level of success. A sports competitor who believes that he needs to win every game has lost a proper perspective in terms of success.

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe this to be the case with modern civilization. Enough is enough, but more than enough is always too much. Always more eventually must mean more than a proper measure of success. Aristotle wrote about the Golden Mean well over two thousand years ago, and many others have taught about this too, but it seems that some tendencies, including the civilizing tendency, are stronger than truth.

True success is neither insufficient nor excessive. This means that true success must be measured according to the necessities and circumstances. Any notion of success that goes beyond the necessities and circumstances of any given situation should be considered wrong, no matter how desirable. For Icarus, getting as close to the Sun as possible was the desired level of success. For the builders of the Tower of Babel, getting the Tower of Babel to reach up into heaven was the desired level of success.

Apart from all of those who work towards their own success (though sometimes excessively), there are those who would much rather usurp the success of others. These are parasites and vermin.

The numbers of those who live off the success of others are increasing relative to the numbers of those who earn their own success. This is obviously due to the fact that the authorities encourage this trend through their warped socialist programs. In fact, living off the earnings of others is becoming an ideal for more and more lazy and worthless people (and an increasing number of these are Third World immigrants).

Why should people make their own money when the government gives them the money that other people make. Modern socialist governments are like some perverse form of Robin Hood – robbing from the good, honest workers and giving to the lazy, worthless parasites.

Sometimes, certain diabolical people destroy the success of others. One of the foremost examples of this in recent times is the toppling of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and the concomitant destruction of Libya. Libya under Qaddafi was the most prosperous country in all of Africa, but the Western powers obviously didn’t like that, so they savagely toppled Qaddafi and allowed the destruction of Libya. The same desire to destroy the success of others plays a part in the actions that the Western powers have taken against states like Syria, Iran, Russia and China in recent years. But perhaps the greatest example in all of human history of this demonic desire to destroy the success of others is the defeat and destruction of Germany in World War II.

Adolf Hitler wanted to put an end to the usurpations of a certain group of people called Jews and to make sure that the success of the German people would fully benefit the German people, rather than being usurped by the Jews. Of course, the Jews didn’t like this at all, which is why they declared war on Germany in 1933, soon after Adolf Hitler came to power. But Adolf Hitler continued to work to not only defend but also to increase the success of the German people. And he succeeded brilliantly.

Because of this, the Jews then brought all of their Allies (Soviet Russians, British, Americans) against Germany in order to utterly destroy the German success that Adolf Hitler had made possible. The real reason for World War II was the complete inability of the Jews to accept the fact that they would no longer be allowed to usurp the success of the great German nation.

It is quite understandable that one would want to protect one’s own possessions, i.e. that which he has rightfully earned. But with the Jews, it seems as though they would like us all to believe that they have a God-given right to keep everything that they have stolen. And it is clear enough that they will destroy anyone who would dare to take away from them everything that they have wrongfully acquired through theft, fraud and treachery.

Most of us, I believe, would like to achieve our own success, and to enjoy the fruits of our own success. The Jews on the other hand are incapable of achieving their own successes, and so they must enjoy the fruits of the success of others. And that which the Jew is not allowed to enjoy, he will usually destroy.