I understand that the vast majority of people belong to this modern world. And I accept the fact that the vast majority of people are simply unable to grasp the concept of an entirely different world.

Like the people in Plato’s Cave who believe that the spectacle that they are witnessing is the only possible reality, the vast majority of people in this modern world honestly believe that there can’t possibly be anything other than the way things are in this modern world.

Bound as they are to this modern world, the vast majority of people will do whatever they can to preserve this modern world. No matter how bad things will get, they will continue to insist that this modern world absolutely must continue one way or another. Even when this modern world has gradually degenerated into the most evil possible state of existence, they will still be unable to envisage any kind of genuinely different, truly better world.

There are some who say that we can’t go back. I agree: there’s no turning back time. The only way is forward. But this doesn’t necessarily mean obsessively holding on to this modern world as if we had no other choice (“don’t hang on / nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky”). Insisting that this modern world must somehow be maintained and continued at all costs and despite everything is simply due to attachment and dependence.

The vast majority of people live in this modern world because they belong to it, but there are a few who live through this modern world because they do not properly belong to it. They never really did and they never will. These few understand this modern world as an inherently difficult stage between the right world that once existed and the right world that is yet to be. In fact, rather than belonging to this modern world, these few truly belong to that right world that is to be after this modern world has finally ended – even though they materially exist in this modern world.

These few are the Traditionalists – people who have dared to step out of the Cave in order to see the bigger picture. Having gone above and beyond the confines of this modern world intellectually and spiritually [note: true spirituality is intellectual; emotional “spirituality” is false spirituality, i.e. sentimentality], they have come to understand that this modern world is by no means the ideal reality that we are supposed to believe that it is, and that it is in fact an increasingly false deviation from ideal reality.

Because of their greater understanding of these things, Traditionalists are able to evaluate the modern world from a properly detached point of view. They can see not only that which is (still) right and everything that has gone wrong in this modern world, but they can see the context of this modern world in the larger scheme of things. Only by observing things from an outside vantage point can one properly see the true reality of things, and thus understand that which is truly necessary.

Traditionalists can understand and accept the fact that this modern world is doomed to continue going wrong, and that the only true hope is the eventual termination of this modern world and the subsequent establishment of a truly right world. The widespread Traditional myth of the Deluge is an appropriate representation of this eventual reality. Another appropriate representation of this eventual reality is the evil Kali-yuga eventually yielding to the restoration of Satya-yuga in Hindu Tradition.

As long as this modern world lasts, the best that the Traditionalists can do is to continue to increase their spiritual understanding and to transmit it to those who are able to comprehend it. This spiritual understanding is the seed of the eventual restoration of a right world after this modern world has finally ended.