A very curious aspect of the current debate about the increasing Ebola crisis is the tendency among liberals to adduce the racial issue.

Simply put, the basic contention is that preventing Black Africans from infecting the whole world with Ebola would be racist. This of course is sheer nonsense.

There are two types of racism: right racism and wrong racism.

Right racism (aka “racialism”) means preferring one’s own race without necessarily hating other races. NEWSFLASH: Preferring one’s own kind before others is natural, normal and healthy. There is nothing wrong with showing favor to one’s own over others, not only in terms of race, but also in terms of nation, community and family. To believe otherwise is very much in line with the erroneous globalist idea that we are all the same (i.e. the “equality” delusion).

Wrong racism is the perverse racism of the so-called “anti-racists”. This wrong racism means despising one’s own race and showing undue favor to other races instead. This in turn generally means freely giving essentially undeserved handouts and artificial advantages to members of other races. The result of this is the undermining and disruption of all natural order and justice in society. And of course, the ultimate goal of this wrong racism is to bring about the extermination of one particular race, the White race.

The popular saying among White Nationalists that “Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-White” is quite correct. It is more than obvious that “anti-racism” is always targeted against White people, and often for the lamest of reasons. At the same time, “anti-racists” practically never target members of other races, no matter how often these members of other races commit outrageous crimes and atrocities against Whites.

As for the oft-cited excuse that the “evils of colonialism” justify any anti-White tendencies or actions, this is largely a deceptive victimization scam. It is interesting to observe that those who most loudly decry the “evils of colonialism” are quite happy to enjoy all of the comforts, amenities and luxuries of White civilization. Meanwhile, most non-Whites are apparently unable to properly embrace civilization at all, even despite receiving trillions of dollars worth of foreign aid.

Given the fact that civilization as we know it was created and is still largely maintained by the White race, the concerted effort to bring about the destruction of the White race can only be caused by a virulent envious hatred of those who have been most successful in this world. No matter how much highfalutin concepts like “justice”, “tolerance” and “brotherhood” are touted by the “anti-racists”, it is a profound sense of envy which is at the very core of all “anti-racism”, and this profound sense of envy is deeply rooted in an inferiority complex.

I believe Lothrop Stoddard was absolutely right in his observations about the Under-man in The Revolt Against Civilization. The Under-man is motivated by a deep desire to defeat and to destroy any man who is truly higher, better, superior than he is. He is thus obsessed above all with the demonic urge to bring about the destruction of the White race. This hateful demonic obsession can clearly be observed in anyone who promotes the “anti-racist” i.e. anti-White mentality, from street-level activists to the leaders of modern liberal democratic states.

It is that perverse, wrongful racism called “anti-racism” that would have us believe that any effort to keep black Africans from spreading Ebola throughout the world (or at least the parts of it that are populated by Whites) is really just an expression of “evil racism”. And if a global pandemic of Ebola really does develop (as it very well might), we can all thank that perverse, wrongful racism called “anti-racism” for making it possible.

Oh, by the way: do I really need to mention that the Jews have a lot to do with all of the perverse “anti-racist” i.e. anti-White rhetoric? It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Jews do indeed have a huge part in all of it. In fact, if any one ethnic group fits the description of Stoddard’s Under-man, it’s clearly the Jews.