Winnipeg’s poster child for the perverse transgender transgression was revealed last week with the usual news publicity.

Winnipeg family says they’re bullied because daughter is transgender

It’s interesting how such sob stories are regularly used in the news to push new forms of perversion and deviance. The point is obviously made that people with good sense who are rightfully opposed to these freakish travesties are nothing but evil haters.

I for one don’t hate the boy. Yes, I did write “boy”, not “girl”. He’s obviously the unwitting victim of some terrible circumstances, and he really doesn’t know better. He’s profoundly sick, but it’s not his fault. Just look at his parents.

For one thing, the parents are clearly a mixed-race couple. The father (if he may be called that) looks like he might well be the result of some racial mixing too. There is no such thing as a mixed-race couple that isn’t fundamentally liberal and tolerant.

The mother looks like the typical sophisticated modern feminist bimbo who is a master of the arts of emotional manipulation and blackmail. And the father (if he may be called that) is most probably one of those spineless modern husbands who always allow their dominating, headstrong wives to have their way (“yes, dear”). What kind of a man can really be okay with their son wanting to become a girl?

What we undoubtedly have here (as undoubtedly in all other cases of transgender children) is an instance of a seriously warped woman asserting herself to make her witless child conform to her deviant fantasies, with the approval of her hopelessly pathetic husband.

This situation is only one of many that demonstrate the increasingly distorted notions of love, tolerance and acceptance in this modern world. People have become so obsessed with their sentimental estimations of good and bad, and have become so ignorant of any moral estimation of right and wrong, that they not only accept things that naturally should not be allowed, but in fact encourage and promote them.

How much worse can things get? Just wait and see…