I once briefly considered getting a tattoo, specifically a swastika on my upper arm. But I decided against it for the simple reason that I don’t really agree with tattooing.

It is quite easy to see that tattooing and other forms of body art such as piercings and inserts are primitive practices. The practitioners of body art historically have always been the most primitive peoples, especially those who never left the Stone Age.

But the modern proliferation of tattoos and piercings of all kinds is not just a function of a primitive condition, but rather of modern society’s slow but steady spiritual regression. The flourishing of body art in the Western countries of modern civilization is a sure sign of the increasingly degenerate condition of Western society.

It is interesting to note that the earliest promoters of body art in modern Western civilization were clearly deviant perverts (see the “Background” section to this Wikipedia article on Body Art). This obviously indicates that modern body art is not only a primitive form of expression, but rather a function of regressive perversion.

The spiritually elevated soul has no need whatsoever for the primitive practice of body art, and the spiritually elevated person can clearly see the regressive nature of those who practice body art. Satisfied with the real beauty of things as they naturally are and enlightened by his genuine knowledge of Truth, the spiritually elevated soul can only find the practice of body art not only unnecessary, but even repugnant.