I would like to believe that the termination of this horrid modern civilized world is going to happen soon. Unfortunately, I am quite sure that this is not even possible. In fact, something infinitely worse than the end of this modern civilized world is what is bound to be the case for the foreseeable future.

I have come to understand that the quality of humanity in this modern civilized world will only continue to get worse and worse and worse and worse over the next few decades (at least), as has been the general trend for at least a century already. This means that the spiritual/psychical level of the masses of modern civilized humanity will only continue to worsen until it can’t possibly get any worse. The masses are undoubtedly doomed to continue sliding gradually into ever worsening decadence, degeneracy, indecency, perversion, vileness, psychoses, insanity, treachery, abuses, violence, etc. Modern civilized humanity will have to hit rock bottom before anything really – really – gets better.

And yet, while the soul of humanity continues this age long slide into the abyss of Hell, things on a material level will undoubtedly continue to increase. The physical amenities and luxuries of this modern civilized world are only bound to get better and better. Scientific discoveries will continue to augment our material knowledge, technology will continue to be improved and to be extended to every facet of human existence, and ever greater and more elaborate construction projects will continue to be built. And people will continue to be amazed, entertained and enthralled by all of it.

The demonic rulers of this modern world – mainly consisting of the Jews and their corrupt friends – know what they’re doing. No one should doubt that these people are geniuses – satanic geniuses, that is. They may not have everything perfectly figured out, but they have virtually guaranteed that they will remain in control at least to a considerable degree for many, many years to come.

As long as these demonic rulers remain in control of this modern world, they will make sure that humanity will continue to lose itself in every conceivable ill, evil and wrong. This is what they want, because a lost soul is most vulnerable to every kind of deception and illusion and can therefore most easily be controlled. The evidence of the willful destruction of everything truly natural and normal in human society is plain to see. The people are gradually being spiritually and psychologically destroyed so that they become perfectly defenseless against the spiritual and psychological weapons that the demonic rulers use, and they have no idea whatsoever.

But despite all of their impressive powers, the demonic rulers of this world can never perfectly control everything. There will always be a remnant of the Good who will continue to reject the way things are (“the ways of this world”) and to resist the way things are going. The Good know that they must do what they can to keep up their spiritual and psychological defenses so that they may successfully preserve themselves against the deceptions, illusions and lies of the demonic rulers. The Good know the Truth; they can not be deceived.

The powers of the demonic rulers are not unlimited, and the time that this evil age will last is indeed finite. When the spiritual and psychological desolation of the masses of humanity has reached its maximum possible extent, and when the demonic rulers eventually reach the end of their capacity for performing their evil works, the termination of this modern civilized world will finally come. Then, and only then, will the Good remnant be able to rise.

But that time is still far off…