I have worked in a so-called “cultural centre” for over ten years now. Although it is called a “cultural centre”, much of what goes on there is hardly cultural (unless you consider a wedding social drunk-fest or a feminist business meeting to be something cultural). As for that which might be called “cultural”, it is almost entirely typically degenerate modern “culture”: degenerate art, degenerate music, degenerate theatre…

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that this so-called “cultural centre” is an evil place. And I’m reminded of this on a regular basis whenever I’m working there.

For one thing, the land used to belong to the Roman Catholic Church and there was once an Oblate Mission there. There is no doubt in my mind that the rape and abuse of “First Nations” children was a regular occurrence in that mission. For those who believe in the spiritual side of things, this is not without any bearing on the present state of things.

Like many other “cultural” institutions in this modern age, the so-called “cultural centre” where I work is a veritable melting pot of all races and ethnicities.

For example, when I started working there over ten years ago, the maintenance staff was all White. Now, half of the maintenance staff is Black, and almost all resumes handed in to the maintenance department are from Blacks. The problem with this is not so much on a practical level, although there are important differences between the work ethic and standards of Blacks and Whites. It is more a matter of the cultural and spiritual distinctions which are rooted in racial differences. In order to relate properly, the distinctions need to be disregarded, which necessarily means compromise, and this invariably on the side of the White more than the Black. The common ground is the lowest common denominator.

On top of that, the majority of the events held at this so-called “cultural centre” are held by various foreign ethnicities that have nothing at all to do with the stated purpose of this so-called “cultural centre”. Vietnamese New Year celebrations, Hindu weddings, Congolese festivals, “First Nations” gatherings – anything and everything. Evidently, when money is the most important consideration, and multicultural diversity is an imperative, a mission statement really doesn’t mean anything.

Besides this, this so-called “cultural centre” is a typical modern liberal gathering place. Freaks, feminists and faggots are well represented there. Although there hasn’t yet been any overtly homosexual events at this so-called “cultural centre”, I have no doubt that it’s only a matter of time. The board and the management of this so-called “cultural centre” are typical proponents of modern liberal democratic views, so I actually expect things to keep going in that direction. (To be fair, the so-called “cultural centre” did recently decide to no longer welcome a group of Goth freaks. But that was more a matter of logistical difficulties, the “cultural” consideration being used only as a convenient excuse.)

I might also mention the many problems which are constantly arising in this so-called “cultural centre”, including structural issues, technical issues, communication issues, organizational issues, obvious incompetence, persistent conflicts… It boggles my mind that any institution should be so regularly plagued with so many problems. But it’s always been like that as long as I’ve been there. Le plus ça change, le plus c’est pareil.

I know what you’re thinking: “why do you still work there?” Good question. On the surface, the reason is that I don’t think I can find a better job for enough pay. I did quit my job twice in the early years, but I soon came back both times after having failed to find something else. And there’s also the fact that – for better or worse – I am well established there. I know the place very well, I manage to get along with just about everyone, and I have a good reputation. Such a thing is hard enough to find.

I believe there’s a more profound reason for my remaining in such an evil place: it satisfies my need to contend with evil in an “acceptable” manner. Even despite the ways things are in that so-called “cultural centre”, I do my best to perform my job as well as I can and to deal with things in the most appropriate manner. It took me a while to settle into this mindset, and it’s often difficult (I do lose it once in a while), but I know that I can usually do what needs to be done even despite everything.

You can call me a sucker for punishment, but such is the way of the strong soul who defies evil rather than walking away from it. Although there are many, many things in this so-called “cultural centre” that disgust and offend me on a daily basis, I endure them as part of my struggle. Yet, I’m constantly looking forward to the day when I’ll know that I can quit that job for good, and leave that God-forsaken place forever. That day must surely come. After all, nothing can last forever.