Those who know the truth about what really happened during World War II are well aware that the German National Socialist regime had no desire to exterminate any Jews. They know that there were no “extermination camps” or “death camps”, and that what are called “concentration camps” were really labor camps complete with recreational facilities.

The National Socialist regime had every good reason to confine the Jews to labor camps, given their irrepressible proclivities. The fact of the matter is that the Jews were interned in labor camps and were looked after very well therein. But this was understandably bound to rankle the typical Jewish psyche.

One little sticking point for those who know the truth about these matters might be the often made assertion that Jews make that they lost relatives in the “concentration camps”. Much of the time, this assertion may well be bullshit. But I think it might be true in most cases that the relatives of some Jews perished in the labor camps.

During the last two years of World War II, as the Allies advanced into Germany from the east (the Soviets) and from the west (the Americans, British and French), massive devastation and destruction was inflicted upon Germany. Not only on German military targets, mind you, but on practically everything, including the civilian population (the firebombing of Dresden is only the best known instance of a German city being almost annihilated by the Allies for no good reason).

[By the way, I listened to an excellent interview yesterday on Red Ice Radio with author Tom Goodrich. It was about his new book Hellstorm: the Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947. Here it is on Amazon. This book actually tells you about the horrific evils that the supposed “good guys” (the Allies) inflicted on the German population during the last phase of World War II.]

Due to the horrible devastation and destruction that Germany suffered from the demonic Allies, it soon became impossible to continue to adequately look after the needs of the internees in the labor camps. There were no more medical supplies, food soon ran out, and nothing could be done.

The reason that many perished in the labor camps was because the Allies made it absolutely impossible to keep any supplies coming in. In other words, the Allies were responsible for the starvation and outbreaks of disease that killed off many labor camp internees during the last year or so of the war.

The next time you see an old black-and-white picture of skeleton-like Jews in a “concentration camp”, you should know that the Allies were the ones who caused their suffering, not the Germans.

But of course, the Jews don’t want you to know any of this. Being the consummate liars and deceivers that they are and always have been, they would much rather you continue to believe that the big, bad, evil German Nazis wanted to kill all of the Jews, and also that they managed to kill the exact number that the Jews had been predicting since the 1910’s. Watch this YouTube video.

So the next time you hear or read about a Jew having lost some relative(s) in the “concentration camps”, remember who was actually responsible for that loss (if indeed it really is an instance of a Jew dying in a “concentration camp”, which isn’t necessarily the case). And realize too that the Jew definitely knows who was actually responsible, but would never admit it.