The Vainglorious Monstrosity for so-called “Human Rights” was inaugurated in Winnipeg yesterday. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

And of course, no Temple to that modern civilized notion called “Human Rights” would be complete without a Holocaust™ exhibit. Apparently, there could never be too many monuments and exhibits about the Holocaust™. We certainly don’t ever want to forget about those 6 trillion gazillion Jews who were turned into lampshades and bars of soap after having been killed by a harmless de-lousing procedure. [Watch The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax to learn about the utterly fraudulent and even absurd nature of the propaganda produced by the Holocaust™ industry.]

Such a monumental waste of money, of resources and of time. Not to mention how ugly it is. And all for the promotion of the profoundly erroneous modern concept that human beings have certain guaranteed rights simply by virtue of being human beings.

Of course, this concept guarantees that all human beings have the right to be as deviant, perverse and degenerate as they want to be, thus guaranteeing that any freak can defy with impunity any traditional law, rule or custom that aims to promote and maintain such values as virtue, decency and righteousness.

But good, commonsense values are so outdated! Who needs traditional families and communities anyway when we can all be individuals endowed with inalienable “Human Rights”? Right?

Oddly enough though, the highfalutin concept of “Human Rights” doesn’t seem to apply to all of the innocent human beings who are terrorized and massacred by the Americans and Israelis (and their proxies) on a regular basis. I guess maybe universal human rights only apply to those human beings who are on the same side as the Americans and Israelis.