So the 55% of the citizens of Scotland (not necessarily “of Scots”) who voted “no” have decided that the 45% of the citizens of Scotland (again, not necessarily “of Scots”) who voted “yes” must remain in the United Kingdom. Ain’t democracy grand?

It doesn’t really matter anyway. Even if Scotland had voted for independence, it would still remain in the EUSSR, and would thus be just as screwed as it is now as a member of the UK. It would also still be a member of that extension of America’s military imperialism called NATO. And of course, it would still be part of the United Nations and other globalist organizations like the IMF and the World Bank.

An independent Scotland would be subjected just as much as it is now to all of the infestations, diseases and disorders that increasingly afflict all Western states, from the constant infiltration of Third World hordes to the steady increase in every conceivable perversion, deviance and vice.

One way or another, Scotland was bound to lose.