Over many centuries, the White Europeans gradually built up the greatest material civilization in all of world history. Through their ingenuity, their enterprise and their efforts, they created a world in which life was good.

In the past few decades, millions of people from the Third World have been encouraged to relocate to the prosperous countries that White Europeans built. Rather than help build up the prosperity of their own countries, they have chosen to take advantage of the prosperity of the White Man’s countries.

Granted, they don’t get everything for free. The government handouts that they get only cover a part of their expenses. But they can still afford to send money back to their relatives in the Third World.

To be fair, they can’t be blamed for this. For one thing, building up a prosperous country is something that Third World peoples obviously have a hard time with. And besides, it’s so much easier to parasitize a prosperous country than to actually work towards creating prosperity.

(Some may protest that certain Third World countries are in fact becoming somewhat prosperous. To which I have this to say: foreign aid… from the countries that White European peoples built.)

Ah yes! Life is good in the White Man’s World.

Leaders and activists of the so-called “First Nations” in Canada are quite good at the victimization shtick. According to them, the White Man has never been anything but trouble, even an evil nuisance. And yet, they’re enjoying every single amenity and luxury that the White Man has produced. So much so in fact that their standard of living is many times higher than that of the regular “First Nations” folks that they claim to represent.

But again, they can’t be blamed for this. The “First Nations” leaders and activists don’t want to make it too obvious that they’re actually rich (thanks to the White Man), while the regular “First Nations” folks on the reserves remain stuck in Third World conditions. Like the other Third World peoples, the “First Nations” just aren’t very good at building up prosperity. Their leaders and activists know that, but they certainly won’t say it.

Ah yes! Life is good in the White Man’s World… at least for some.

But the group that has benefitted the most from the fruit of the White Man’s labors is of course the Jews. Not only have the Jews taken full advantage of the White Man’s World, they’ve even managed to take it over. Living like a parasite is one thing, but the Jews have taken it to a whole new level. There’s nothing better for a parasitic creature than to be able to rule the host that you live on, at least for the time that it lasts.

Can we blame the Jews for this? Just like the Third World peoples, the Jews have always been completely incapable of building up prosperity for themselves. They’ve always needed to parasitize other peoples. And if they’ve managed to take over the White Man’s World, this was only a logical next step for a parasitic being that is endowed with considerable cunning as well as a control-freak mentality.

Ah yes! Life is good in the White Man’s World… and even better over it.


All of this being said, it’s only logical and natural that the White Man’s World should suffer it’s present fate. All of the woes, ills and errors that have befallen the White Man in recent times are simply a consequence of the creation of Modern Civilization as an overextension of the White Man’s World.

I personally believe that the Modern Civilization that is the ultimate expression of the White Man’s World is actually excessive. Too much, too many, too fast, too big, too high, too far. So much that is unnecessary, so much that is useless, so much that is insane.

All great civilizations have at some point exceeded their proper limits, and have then been subject to increasingly destructive forces, both from within and from without. Excess always leads to some unpleasant consequences. This is both natural and inevitable.

The higher you build, the more stability becomes a potential problem. Not to mention that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Note that the first sentence in this article says: “the White Europeans gradually built up the greatest material civilization in all of world history”. Although Modern Civilization is undoubtedly the best thing ever in material terms, it has been consistently plagued with a steady spiritual deterioration.

There were many civilizations in the past which were spiritually higher than Modern Civilization. Even the European Middle Ages were spiritually better than Modern Civilization, and the same undoubtedly goes for our prehistoric European ancestors (Germanic, Celtic, etc.).

Since the Industrial and French Revolutions, the White Man’s World has increasingly gone wrong in a number of ways (although the roots of this are much further back). One of these wrongs was the later era of colonization in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, during which the White Man’s World increasingly imposed itself on other races.

Rather than the original emphasis on simply establishing trading stations and founding settlements in foreign lands (i.e. colonization), the later era of colonization was more about pillaging and plundering subjected lands (i.e. imperialism).

It was only a matter of time before things started to catch up to the Faustian Flight of Icarus which we know as Modern Civilization. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Should I mention that the Jews had a lot to do with the wrongful tendencies of the White Man’s World in modern times? Just saying…

Anyway, I’m actually hoping that the White Man’s World will someday be restricted to its proper limits, something that may only happen with the eventual termination of this Modern Civilization. This would enable the White European peoples to focus on maintaining their own world for themselves once again without having to force other races to conform to it (or even killing off the other races).

The White Man can still have, and should still have, a most impressive civilization of its own kind and for its own kind. A civilization by White European peoples for White European peoples, i.e. a White Civilization. But it can’t be excessive or else all must sooner or later be lost. It’s a question of a people (or a race) knowing its proper limits, and not letting certain other people (or certain beliefs) push them beyond that.