Being of French origin, I have more than a bit of interest in the organizations and movements which are seeking to put a stop to the slow but steady destruction of all that is truly France.

I really like the Front National. They are obviously the best political option for the true betterment of France, as opposed to the Socialists and UMP who can only continue to allow everything which is destroying France.

I find Marine Le Pen quite remarkable. I generally enjoy hearing her speak in interviews. She has such a strong and confident manner. And then there is the lovely and intelligent Marion Maréchal-Le Pen. Of course, there are some prominent men in the Front National too…

Then there is the Bloc Identitaire led by Fabrice Robert. And also the youth movement Génération Identitaire. I especially admire Génération Identitaire. They represent the true hope for the future of what is truly France.

One more French group that I like is Terre et Peuple. This group led by Pierre Vial is nicely pagan-oriented. Vive la Gaule! Vive les Gaulois!

Of course, there are a number of other groups in France who fight against the fully-intended demolition and devastation of everything that represents the true soul of France.

Finally, I should pay homage to Dominique Venner, a great man who decided that his life’s work of defending the true soul of France should be brought to a close in a most shocking manner. (I have read his book ‘Un samouraï d’Occident’, and will soon be reading his ‘Histoire et tradition des Européens’.) May his act continue to resonate among all of those true French men and women who love that which is truly France.