Some personalities like Alex Jones and James Corbett talk a lot about false flags – catastrophes surreptitiously inflicted on one’s own targets (and/or population) in order to attribute them to an enemy and thereby provide a pretext for military action.

Famous examples of false flags include the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 that led to American involvement in the Vietnam War; the infamous 9-11 “attacks” of 2001 which have allowed American actions against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, etc. (the so-called “War on Terror”); and the supposed chemical weapons attack that allegedly occurred in Syria last year. This last false flag (a staged one, by the way) was supposed to be a “red line” for American military action against Bashar al-Assad. But thanks to Russia’s Putin, that didn’t happen, and Assad is still there – but for how much longer?

It is generally understood that false flags are always carried out for the wrong reasons. But I disagree, at least in one instance.

There is a growing movement to rehabilitate the most excellent man who was Adolf Hitler. Many efforts have been undertaken to prove to the world that Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists were actually the good guys, that the Holocaust is the biggest lie and fraud in all of world history, and that the real Satanic demons of World War II were the Allies, including Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin (not to mention their Jewish associates).

One truly praiseworthy production which seeks to de-demonize Adolf Hitler is a six-hour-long video called The Greatest Story Never Told created by Dennis Wise. If you want to know the truth – the real truth – about Adolf Hitler, the National Socialist Party and World War II, you really need to watch this video.

Adolf Hitler had every intention of doing whatever it took to save Germany from the diabolical forces which were destroying it under the Weimar regime, and to raise Germany back to the glory which it truly deserved. And he did that, in spades, which is why the Western powers did everything they could to defeat him and to devastate Germany.

(Of course, Germany has become materially prosperous since then, but then so are the United States of America and the United Kingdom. All of these modern liberal democratic states are thoroughly filled with moral rot, are subject to steady spiritual deterioration, and are increasingly infested with Third World parasites.)

In order to gain political power, which was the only way of achieving his truly noble and righteous aims, Hitler needed to give himself some justification. This is why the Reichstag incident was carried out. This was indeed a false flag, but it was for the best of reasons, unlike the false flags carried out by the Americans which are perpetrated for all the wrong reasons.

Hitler’s intentions were undoubtedly right. I certainly don’t buy the Christian bullshit that “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. But I do believe that “you shall know the tree by its fruit”. The fruits of Hitler’s efforts were undeniably excellent. Germany has never been a more excellent nation than it was under Hitler’s rule, as British politician David Lloyd George rightly observed.

So the Reichstag incident was a false flag. So what? Hitler was right to do it, just as he was right in everything else. The excellent results of Hitler’s actions are undeniable (at least to those who know and love the truth), and that’s what really matters.